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15 Clever Ideas For Storing Christmas Decorations

Ever found yourself in the post-holiday slump, where all you want to do is shove those sparkly decorations into any box you can find?

Hold that thought!

Properly organizing and storing your festive trinkets now can save you a world of trouble next Christmas.

We’re here to share some nifty tips and tricks to keep your decorations – from ornaments to that trusty artificial tree – in tip-top shape.

The ABCs of Christmas Decoration Storage

Protecting your holiday treasures, be it your beloved faux tree or those delicate ornaments, is easier than you think.

The key? A designated space for each little piece of holiday joy.

Whether it’s your garage for those twinkling lights, a cozy nook in the basement for your festive trains, or a weather-tight box in the attic for the baubles, every decoration deserves its special spot.

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Once you’ve nailed down that perfect spot, it’s all about finding the right containers to keep everything safe.

Picking the Perfect Containers and Labels

Imagine the ease of pulling down clearly labeled, transparent containers next year!

That’s right, we’re talking about those clear boxes with matching lids.

Group your holiday goodies into categories for easy storage and labeling.

This way, you’ll know exactly where everything is when it’s time to deck the halls again.

15 Useful Tips on how to store your Christmas decorations

1. Breaking Down Those Bigger Pieces

woman disassembling artificial christmas tree in her living room

Don’t be fooled into thinking storing your tree as-is will save you time. In reality, it’s a recipe for damage.

Disassemble those larger decorations and pack them safely in pieces. Think of it as a festive jigsaw puzzle waiting for next year’s celebrations.

2. Ornament Safety 101

Those plastic cups from your holiday parties? They’re not just for eggnog!

Glue them onto a cardboard base for an innovative ornament storage solution.

It’s like a protective bubble for each of your cherished ornaments.

3. Organizing Ornaments with a Twist

Christmas ornaments in clear resealable plastic

For a color-coordinated Christmas next year, why not use clear resealable bags from your kitchen to sort those baubles?

It’s a game-changer for easy access and assessment of your ornament collection.

4. A Creative Twist for Hanging Ornaments

Keep your ornaments ready to hang by using wooden rods and ribbons in a plastic bin.

Keep your ornaments ready to hang by using wooden rods and ribbons in a plastic bin.

This nifty trick is perfect for your sturdy ‘shatter-proof’ decorations.

But remember, those precious glass heirlooms deserve their own special containers.

5. Garland Storage Made Simple

A clear plastic water bottle lying on its side on a white surface, filled with green garland pieces that were previously used to decorate a Christmas

Tangled garland is a thing of the past!

Store your strings of beads in plastic water bottles for a tangle-free revelation next holiday season.

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6. Repurposing Household Containers for Decoration Storage

No original boxes? No problem!

Scour your home (or local liquor store) for wine boxes with dividers, egg cartons, or even shoeboxes.

They make for perfect makeshift storage solutions for your festive baubles.

7. Light Storage Bright Idea

 cardboard box open on a wooden floor, inside are several neat coils of Christmas lights wrapped around rectangular pieces of cardboard. Each piece o

Say goodbye to tangled lights!

Wrap them around pieces of cardboard before storage, and maybe jot down a note or two for future you.

8. Protecting Your Artificial Tree

 A person shrink-wrapping an artificial Christmas tree for storage. The tree is standing upright, and the person is wrapping it with clear plastic wrap

If your fake tree lives in the garage, consider shrink-wrapping it to keep it dust-free and pristine.

When the festive season returns, a quick snip and fluff will have it ready in no time.

9. DIY Tree Protection

A fully covered artificial Christmas tree lying on a wooden floor, completely enveloped in a white cloth. The cloth is wrapped around the tree neatly

Get crafty and sew dust sheet bags for the different sections of your artificial tree.

It’s a surefire way to keep it looking fresh and fabulous all year long.

10. Wreath Out of the Box Ideas Storage

A wardrobe open with a bare rail and multiple festive wreaths hanging on wooden hangers. The wardrobe is spacious and neatly painted in a light color

That over-the-door wardrobe organizer?

It’s perfect for storing wreaths, keeping them in shape and out of the way.

Or, if you’re a wreath fanatic, a simple clothing rack in your basement or garage, wrapped in plastic, does wonders.

11. Consider Getting a Clothing Rack

A metal clothing rack in a room with multiple festive wreaths hanging on it, each wreath covered with a clear plastic protective cove

For those who love to decorate extravagantly with wreaths on every window and door, both inside and outside, and find themselves short on storage space, a clothing rack can be a great solution.

Simply store it in your basement or garage, keeping your wreaths safely wrapped in plastic.

This method ensures your festive decorations are neatly organized and protected.

12. Use Packaging Dividers

Variety of colorful Christmas baubles in a boxes. Trimming the Christmas tree.

Invest in sturdy containers with foam dividers or bubble wrap for your delicate decorations.

Keeping them secure and separate is key to a damage-free holiday season.

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13. Packing Like a Pro

It’s tempting to cram as much as possible into each box, but restraint is key.

Be mindful of mixing heavy items with fragile ones and always go the extra mile with cushioning for that added protection.

14. Label with Love

The journey to storage is crucial.

Label each box as fragile and make sure they’re not buried under heavier boxes. This little step can make a world of difference.

15. Smart Storage Strategies

storage boxes with transparent color and different colors

Finally, keep your Christmas decorations easily visible in your storage unit.

This way, when the festive season rolls around again, you won’t have to play hide and seek with your holiday favorites.

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What is the best way to store Christmas decorations?

The best way to store Christmas decorations is by using clear, labeled containers, ensuring each item has its designated space.

Fragile items should be stored with extra cushioning, and larger decorations like artificial trees should be disassembled for safekeeping.

How do you wrap Christmas decorations for storage?

Wrap Christmas decorations in bubble wrap or tissue paper for protection. For ornaments, use plastic cups or egg cartons.

Lights can be wrapped around cardboard pieces to prevent tangling.

How do you box up Christmas decorations?

Box up Christmas decorations by categorizing them. Use sturdy boxes, adding padding for fragile items.

Label each box clearly, specifying the contents and handling instructions.

How do you organize decorations?

Organize decorations by type and usage. Group similar items together, label each storage container and consider the ease of access for next season.

Use dividers for delicate items and vertical storage solutions for larger pieces.

How do you keep decorations in place?

Keep decorations in place by using dividers within storage boxes, securing items with bubble wrap, and utilizing containers that fit the size and shape of the decorations to prevent movement during storage.

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