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law of attraction for normal people

Law of Attraction and Spirituality for Non-Hippies

First of all, let me say that I’m kind of a hippie, and the title is not meant to be hippie-hating. I’m just making a joke that sometimes spirituality seems inaccessible because of the more extreme believers of the beliefs that exist. Know what I am saying? I believe in the law of attraction, but […]

all about curly hair - styling, products, cut and care

All About Curly Hair! Care, Cut, Styling and Products

I always get a lot of questions about my hair, and I LOVE talking about it, probably because I hated it for so long before learning to love it. It is my belief that your hair looks best when you style it the way it wants to be styled! And since learning how to take […]

how to stop being grumpy - video!

How to Stop Being Grumpy – Video!

I wrote a post on my website a while ago called “How to Stop Being Grumpy” and it is one of the posts that comes up a lot for people in search queries (a lot to *me*, not a lot in general…) Read the original post here. So I decided to do a more detailed […]

Ann Koger

Ann Kroger

Ann Kroger is a lifelong observer, advice giver, and aspiring author. As a resident of the 21st century, Ann lives in a state of hurried confusion. In response to the stress and pressure of her everyday existence, she has made the drastic decision to conscientiously add more adventure and humor in her quest for a […]

stitch fix was it worth it

My First StitchFix! Was It Worth It? Personal Stylist Subscription Box

I ordered my first Stitch Fix subscription box! Order yours here. I received 5 items in the $50-100 range, and each item was under $60. You can also choose the range “as cheap as possible” but since this was my first box, I didn’t want to limit quality TOO much. The clothes are VERY well […]


Why I Don’t Weight Myself Anymore (First Video with Kitty Appearance!)

This video is worth watching simply because of my kitty’s YouTube debut. His name is Gatinho (Little G), and he has a cleft pallet that goes up through his nose. He is a tiny, sweet monster Why I am No Longer a Raw Foodist


Soul Searching, Who Are You and a Simple Exercise – Try It!

By: Chantal Partridge Soul-seeking. “Who Are You?” A friend called me the other evening and after I listened to her, I felt led to ask her a question. I told her beforehand that before she replied, I wanted to encourage her to go inside of herself and sit with it if she needed to. I […]

pray your gay away

Awesome Cures for Homosexuality and How I Healed My Gay Friends

By: Alison Reeves Awesome Cures For Homosexuality Forty Five percent of Americans still think that homosexuality can be cured. (Yes, seriously). Bicycle: American neurologist Graeme M. Hammond suggests bicycling as a cure for homosexuality. He believed “homosexuality was rooted in nervous exhaustion and that bicycle exercise would restore health and heterosexuality.” Nausea and Aversive Treatment: In the 1960s British psychologist I. Oswald would […]

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 5.37.27 PM

How to Make Your Own 15 Minute Meals – Including My New DELISH Recipe

I have had this title in mind FOREVER: “5 Meals With 5 Ingredients”. But…it’s not working out. I don’t have enough recipes to write about, but I DID develop a method to my meal madness lately that I am happy to share. Since Chris and I moved to the Fo’ Fo’, he has been leaving earlier and […]


Why I Draw Pictures After Eat – Being Mindful

In my last post, I mentioned that I now eat whatever I want. I should mention that reintroducing different foods with no restrictions and rules did not come without some struggles. Eating Everything (And and Too Much of It) When I want to eat something, I eat it. For example, at an event at work […]