2014 YouTube Role Models and My 2015 Plans!

2014 YouTube Role Models and My 2015 Plans!

Happy 2015! Just a quick video talking about a couple of my favorite YouTubers, and a brief quasi-commitment about my 2014 plans.

IMPORTANT QUESTION: What are your favorite type of videos to watch from me? Want to see more vlogs or personal stories/lessons? Want to see more clothing hauls? What about challenges with friends? Recipes? Or do you not care at all?

Whatever the answer is, comment on YouTube! Here are links to my (current) favorite YouTubers, and a brief description of why I <3 them.

Jenna Marbles: I love her because she is unabashedly herself. I find her funny…and ridiculous.


Grav3yard Girl: I love Bunny because I think she is non-pretentious and a great role model for her young audience. She was bullied in high school, and frequently encouraged her viewers to be themselves. She also does “as seen on TV” product reviews that are hilarious.


CutiePieMarzia: Martzia isn’t a role model per se, but I have gotten some really fun clothing ideas by watching her channel.


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