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9 Efficient Tips For Cleaning While Owning Pets

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by pet-related clutter, you’re not alone. Many pet owners face the unique challenges of making a messy home clean and clutter-free.

Pets, much like children, bring a whirlwind of joy and, sometimes, a bit of chaos to our living spaces.

From fur-covered sofas to muddy paw prints, the battle for cleanliness can feel never-ending.

However, below I’ll be providing 10 effective strategies and helpful products that make this task manageable, and even enjoyable.

These are practical, tested solutions that have transformed your home (and heart) into a more loving environment. 

9 effective tips to Clean your home with pets

1. Make A Routine For Pet Grooming

Regular grooming can be a lifesaver. Do you always find your dog hair on sofa, or when your cat rubs up against you, they leave a ton of hair?

One of the best things you can do to help cut down on the shedding is by making sure to regularly brush their loose hair out.

Depending on the length and type of hair, it’s recommended to brush your pet between 1 to 4 times a week.

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By making a routine of grooming, you’ll drastically cut down on a lot of the hair and fluff around the house.

2. Find Cover Choices That Work Best For You

Personally, I would always go with washable covers for any furniture that I have.

Washable covers are great because they trap most of the hair and dirt, and you can just toss them in the wash with your laundry.

It’s a simple but effective way to keep things clean.

3. Deep-Clean Your Floors and Walls

Since pets love the outdoors, they often bring a bit of nature back inside with them.

While there are preventive measure to clean your pet before coming inside, most of the times, they’ll be able to track things in the house regardless.

Because of this, I personally would recommend using a specific tool, like a Wash Mitt, for a deep cleaning of all your floors and walls.

It’s a bit of work, but it keeps my home looking and feeling fresh.

4. Find A Pawfect-Cleaning Routine Before The Door

As I said earlier, the best way to stop dirt from getting inside your house is by combating it before it even enters the door.

Setting up a little cleaning station by your door to wipe down the pets’ paws when they come in is one of the best things that you can do.

This step, while it may seem small and insignificant, can really help keep the floors cleaner.

5. Use A Vacuum Cleaner To get The Hard-To-Reach Places

Investing in a good vacuum cleaner that helps you get underneath sofa’s or bookshelves is always advised.

Even after cleaning, sweeping, and washing walls, there can still be dirt or hair that gets stuck underneath coffee tables, chairs, or other low-lying furniture.

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Instead of moving those things every time you clean, why not just use a vacuum cleaner to make it easier (and that much more helpful on your back)?

I would recommend looking for one that has a detachable hose, and attachments that would help you get to those harder-to-reach places.

6. Properly Secure Your Trash

Don’t you hate waking up in the morning to find you trash strewn all across your kitchen floor?

Not only do you have to clean up the actual trash, but then you also need to clean the floor and anything that got dirty.

That’s why you should always try to secure your trash – either by getting a good solid lid for your trash can, or putting it in a place that you pet can’t get to (like, underneath the sink in a cabinet).

Not only will it prevent your pets from getting into it and making a mess, but it’s also just more hygienic.

7. Put Everything Back In Its Place

Whenever I’m cleaning in general, I try to keep things tidy by putting everything back in its place.

The same rule applies for pet owners.

Making a simple habit of putting things away after you’ve used them really helps in maintaining a clean and organized space, especially with pets around.

It’s just one less thing for them to get into, spill, or otherwise cause you to have another mess on your hands.

8. Train Your Pet For A More Tidy Home

While this isn’t actually about cleaning, per-se, it does go a long way in not having you to have to continuously clean up after your pet.

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If humans have to follow house rules, then why shouldn’t you train your pet to some of them as well?

Training them to eat, sleep, pee, and poop in the right areas would be a good start.

It’ll help in preventing messes and maintaining order, and on top of that it’s good for their discipline too.

9. Don’t For Get About Your Lint Rollers

woman cleaning jeans with clothes roller

I always keep lint rollers and sticky brushes handy.

While I usually use them for actual lint on my clothing, they are perfect for getting dog and cat hair off any outfit you may be wearing.

Just a quick roll up and down your clothes usually does the trick.

Tired Of Cleaning Up After Your Pet And Need A Little Mental Boost?

Taking care of pets and cleaning up after them not only can take a physical toll on you, but also a mental one.

Sometimes, people get can so wrapped up in taking care of their pets, their children, or even just their material things, that they don’t take good care of themselves.

That’s partly why I created the Declutter For Self Care checklist.

Inside I give several checklists for you to use to help declutter not only your physical space, but also you mental and emotional space as well.

Grab it below and start giving your life the declutter and ‘pawfect’ clean that it needs!


How do I keep my house clean with pets?

To maintain cleanliness in a home with pets, it’s essential to regularly groom them, utilize washable covers for furniture, vacuum frequently, and designate specific areas for your pets.

Training your pets to respect boundaries and using gentle deterrents to keep them away from certain areas also helps.

A consistent cleaning routine and some strategic organization are key to a pet-friendly and tidy home.

How often should you clean if you have pets?

When living with pets, increasing the frequency of cleaning can be beneficial.

Daily tasks such as vacuuming or sweeping are crucial to control pet hair and dander.

A thorough cleaning of your home on a weekly basis, particularly focusing on areas where your pets spend most of their time, is recommended.

Regular grooming of your pets will also contribute to keeping your home cleaner.

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