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A Simplified Guide In Building A Capsule Wardrobe For Women Over 40: Getting Older But Not Out Of Style

Do you know the secret to looking your best at any age?

It’s simple!

Creating a capsule wardrobe!

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to give up on your sense of style.

(Just like what Kate Spade said – Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends.)

When you are in your 40s, there are many changes starting to happen in your life.

You’ve probably started to notice that it’s getting harder to maintain your weight.

Your body is changing and if you’re like me, you might have a hard time accepting these changes.

Furthermore, when you get to a certain age, it can be hard to find clothes that fit.

And when you do find clothes that fit, there’s still the problem of getting dressed in the morning—because what if it rains and your boots get wet?

Or what if it’s cold outside, but your jacket is at home, and you forgot to bring a scarf?

If you’re over 40, these are just some of the challenges that come with being an adult woman with style and sass.

Putting together a wardrobe can be overwhelming, no matter what age. But with a capsule wardrobe, it can be simple and classy.

And if you’re ready to take back control of your wardrobe and start dressing yourself with confidence again, then this article is for you!

What Is A Capsule Wardrobe?

 Capsule Wardrobe For Women Over 40 - different clothing hanging

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of items that you wear over and over again.

It’s a way to create a look for yourself that’s based on your own personal style, no matter what the trends are.

While it’s true that women over 40 have more fashion options than ever before, I know that this doesn’t mean you want to spend all your free time shopping for clothes.

A capsule wardrobe is usually made up of only 20 pieces—about

  • 7 tops,
  • 7 bottoms,
  • 5 dresses or skirts/shorts sets,
  • 2 sweaters/jackets/vests,
  • 3 pairs of shoes (one pair should be flats and another should be heels), and
  • 3 accessories (like scarves or jewelry).

That’s all! (Easy, right?)

Once you’ve got those 20 items together, it takes less than five minutes to put an outfit together each morning—

and since everything looks good together, there’s no need for last-minute decisions about what goes with what.

That’s why we created this guide: so that you can enjoy the benefits of a capsule wardrobe without having to break the bank or spend hours at the mall.

The Benefits Of A Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule Wardrobe for Women Over 40 - 2 women on the table smiling

You are absolutely not alone in your desire to look good and feel great, even though you’re getting older.

But if you think about it, maybe you’ve been doing it wrong.

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Maybe the reason you can’t find that perfect outfit is because you’re overcomplicating things.

The truth is that there are a lot of benefits to having a capsule wardrobe:

-It’s Cheaper!

Capsule Wardrobe for Women Over 40 - a woman using a calculator and a laptop

You can get rid of all those clothes that don’t fit right or aren’t flattering anymore and replace them with new clothes that fit better and flatter better.

It’s like getting a whole new wardrobe for free!

It Saves Space!

Capsule Wardrobe for Women Over 40 - an empty wardrobe

If you only have a few outfits, they don’t take up as much room in your closet as 15 different outfits would do.

That means more room for shoes or books or whatever else you want to keep around (but not on top of) your clothes.

-It Makes Shopping Easier!

Capsule Wardrobe for Women Over 40 - 2 women shopping

You don’t have to spend hours searching for something that fits right or looks good on you.

Just pick one thing from each category and boom—you’re done shopping!

Why Women Over 40 Should Have Capsule Wardrobe.

Capsule Wardrobe For Women Over 40 - a woman in 40s smiling

As we get older, we tend to become more particular about what we wear. We want to feel comfortable, but we also want to look good.

If you’re a woman over 40, you may have noticed that your wardrobe is getting a little… crowded.

You’ve got all the clothes you wore in college, plus all of your maternity clothes from when you had kids.

And then there are those outfits that were so high-waisted that they made your belly button look like a button on a pair of pants.

And then there’s still more stuff in there! It can feel overwhelming to try to sort through all of it and figure out what to keep and what needs to go.

So why do we keep these things? Because we don’t want to admit that our bodies have changed since we bought them.

We want to pretend that our bodies will never change—that they’re always going to be young and perfect forever.

But that’s just not true! Our bodies change as we age, and our wardrobes should reflect that change.

A capsule wardrobe is an easy way to organize your clothes so that they reflect who you are now, not who you were back when you bought them.

This guide will show how simple it can be!

5 Simplified Steps On How To Create A Capsule Wardrobe For Women Over 40.

Capsule Wardrobe For Women Over 40 - a closet with clothes and shoes

As we get older, our priorities change—and so does our wardrobe.

We tend to shift away from the trends and fads of youth towards a more classic style that flatters us and makes us feel good.

We also have less energy for shopping and for trying on clothes, since that takes time away from sleeping in or watching Netflix.

So how do you create a capsule wardrobe that works for women over 40?

It’s actually easier than you think!

Just follow these simple steps:

1) Find Your Style (And Stick To It)

Capsule Wardrobe for Women Over 40 - 3 women holding wine glass

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to stop being fashionable.

There are plenty of ways to dress well and look great, even if you’re over 40.

It’s true that we’re not all going to look the same as we did when we were young, but there are so many ways to accentuate your best features and hide your worst.

Find your style, and stick to it.

We know that sounds like a pretty simple thing to do, but when you get older, it can be easy to lose focus on what makes you feel good about yourself.

I know that you want to look good without spending an arm and a leg on clothes.

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2) Choose Pieces That Are Versatile And Easy To Combine

Capsule Wardrobe For Women Over 40 - clothes hanging

One of the reasons why capsule wardrobes are so popular is that they can be mixed and matched to create different looks.

If you’re looking for a capsule wardrobe for women over 40, you’ll want to choose pieces that are…

  • versatile,
  • easy to match with other items in your closet,
  • and can be worn on their own or layered with other items.

A capsule wardrobe allows you to choose pieces that are easy to combine.

They can be worn in different ways throughout different parts of the year without looking too similar from one day to another.

This way, your capsule wardrobe will help keep things interesting for both yourself as well as anyone who sees you wearing it!

3) Make A Plan For What You Need To Buy

Capsule Wardrobe For Women Over 40 - a woman listing something

In a fashion world that is constantly changing, it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends.

And while we love to keep up with what’s new, sometimes it’s nice to just stick with what you know works for you!

Before you start shopping for your capsule wardrobe, make a list of all the clothes you already own.

Write down each item’s size and where it fits into your existing wardrobe: do you love it? Is it versatile? How often do you wear it?

For instance, if you have three pairs of black pants but only wear one pair regularly, make sure that pair makes the cut when creating your new wardrobe.

If not, get rid of the other two pairs – there’s no point keeping them around just because they’re black!

When you’re in your 40s and beyond, it’s important to focus on quality over quantity when it comes to your clothing choices.

If you’ve got one or two items that are timeless, you can mix and match them with other pieces that are more current…

without having to worry about being out of date by next season.

4) Decide On Your Colors And Patterns And Buy The Basics First

Capsule Wardrobe For Women Over 40 - a pile of clothing with different colors and patterns

Another thing you need to do when creating a capsule wardrobe for women over 40 is to decide on your colors and patterns.

You don’t want to buy too many items in one color or pattern.

If you do, it will make it harder for you to mix different pieces of clothing together in order to create unique outfits from scratch.

Instead, try buying a few different items that are made from different materials (like cotton or silk),

then add in some accessories like scarves or jewelry so that you can create different looks using the same base pieces of clothing in your closet.

Another important thing is to know what colors work best for your skin tone and eye color.

That when shopping for clothing, you can stay away from colors that don’t look good on you.

For example, if you have fair skin with blue eyes, then bright orange is probably not going to work well on you.

Instead, try choosing navy blue instead!

As we get older, our skin loses its natural pigmenting ability and starts to look paler than it used to—

which means a lot of us will want to switch from dark colors to brighter ones in order for those clothes not only to fit better but also to make us feel more confident in them.

Another thing that might need changing is your patterns.

As we get older, our eyesight tends to decline slightly…

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And that can make it harder for us to see smaller details like small stripes or polka dots without having them stand out more than they should.

So if there are any patterns that you like but find hard to see anymore because they’re too small or fine-lined

(or if there are any patterns you don’t care for but still want because they’re big bold prints),

now may be the time for them!

5) Add Accessories That Create The Look You Want

Capsule Wardrobe For Women Over 40 - different accessories

Accessories are essential when creating a capsule wardrobe because they help bring out different styles from within each piece itself.

For example: If you have dark denim jeans with dark green stitching at the hemline; pair it with an orange scarf (or scarf).

When choosing accessories, consider what kind of look you want to achieve when putting together outfits from your wardrobe—

Do you want to feel more put-together?

Do you want to add some edge?

Do you just want an all-black ensemble?

Do you want to add a touch of glamour?

If you’re looking for a sophisticated style, try wearing jewelry with gold accents or pearls.

If you want to add some color, try pairing bright earrings with a monochromatic outfit, or wear a bold necklace with a solid top.

Accessories are where most people tend to focus on.

What To Add In Your Capsule Wardrobe for Women over 40.

Capsule Wardrobe For Women Over 40 - a monochrome clothing hanging

1. A classic coat or blazer

Capsule Wardrobe for Women Over 40 - blazers hanging on a rack

It’s important to have a coat in your closet that can go with everything from jeans and sneakers to skirts and dresses.

If you’re looking for an all-purpose jacket that will keep you warm but still looks flattering on any body type,

consider getting something classic like the trench coat from Elizabeth & James or the peacoat from ASOS (it comes in black too!).

Blazers are great because they instantly dress up any outfit.

And they’re also functional and comfortable enough that they can be worn every day without looking stuffy or outdated.

2. A pair of black pants or jeans

Capsule Wardrobe for Women Over 40 - a woman wearing black pants

A pair of jeans that fit well and make you feel comfortable.

Black pants are great because they go with everything.

They also look more professional than colored pants if you’re going somewhere where business dress code applies (think job interviews).

3. Flats or sneakers

Capsule Wardrobe for Women Over 40 - a white sneakers

If you’re going for comfort above all else, flats or sneakers are the way to go!

They look good with everything from jeans to dresses and they’re easy on your feet too!

4. A Simple Black Dress

Capsule Wardrobe for Women Over 40 - a simple black dress

A dress or skirt that makes you feel amazing when you wear it.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an LBD (Little Black Dress) or a maxi dress, but this dress should make you feel like the best version of yourself!

5. A Statement Piece

Capsule Wardrobe for Women Over 40 - outfit accessories

You know, a piece that is going to make you stand out in the crowd?

Look for something that will take your look from casual and comfortable to edgy and cool.

Do You Think A Capsule Wardrobe Is Not For You?

As you can see, there is no need to fear aging.

It comes with a lot of great advantages that many women before you probably never enjoyed.

However, it is important to use the time and resources available at your disposal to create a capsule wardrobe that works for you.

Actively think about your clothing choices as part of a coordinated effort in achieving a consistent look and feel regardless of when and where you are headed.

Start slowly and build from there to eventually create a stylish capsule wardrobe.

As you learn more and become more confident, your choices will become easier as you’ll have a better idea of what works for you.

This is an ever-evolving process and one that will change with the seasons and your income

Are You A Woman Over 40 And Tired Of Looking For Clothes That Fit Your Frame, Style, And Budget?

You’re a woman over 40, and you’ve been feeling a little lost when it comes to your wardrobe.

You know you want to look stylish and age-appropriate, but you can’t seem to find anything that fits your frame, style, and budget.

Well, I hear you.

That’s why I created this free capsule wardrobe guide.

It will make the process of creating a capsule wardrobe so much easier for women over 40—and it’ll help you feel more confident in what you wear every day.

So don’t wait another minute!

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