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Clean Mama Or FlyLady (Which Cleaning Routine Is Your Perfect Match)

Have you ever been stuck deciding between Clean Mama and FlyLady, wondering which one makes cleaning a breeze?

Spending about six hours a week on house chores, and can’t find the ultimate cleaning buddy for your place?

Clean Mama keeps it simple with a routine of five daily tasks and a quick 15-minute weekly job.

On the other hand, there’s FlyLady, adding in a whopping 19 daily tasks and some monthly zone-cleaning vibes.

Now, I’m digging into the cleaning world, trying to figure out which of these cleaning pals is the real deal.

Come join me on this journey through the land of brooms and buckets as we look for the best cleaning plan for our homes.

Let’s stroll down the cleaning aisle together and find that perfect match!

The Clean Mama Routine

Little girl and her mother cleaning flat

The Clean Mama Routine keeps it simple and systematic.

This regimen lays out five daily tasks and a weekly task for each day from Monday to Sunday.

The five daily tasks are to make beds, check floors, wipe counters, declutter, and do laundry. 

While the weekly chore demands just about 10-30 minutes a day, there’s no strict time limit for the daily tasks.

Weekly tasks are as follows. Monday–bathroom cleaning day, Tuesday–dusting day, Wednesday–vacuuming day, Thursday–floor washing day, Friday–catchall day, Saturday–sheets and towels day, and Sunday–just the daily tasks. 

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These tasks cover the essential areas of your home. For a thorough deep clean, Clean Mama introduces a set of rotating tasks and a monthly focus schedule, promising a sparkling house in 12 months.

Yet, there’s a catch. This deep cleaning wisdom comes with a paywall, demanding a minimum of $19 for access.

Is Clean Mama, The Routine For you?

Clean Mama caters to those who already maintain a regular cleaning routine but crave a more organized approach.

By having you do the same task throughout the entire house in the weekly routine, there’s no need to lug your cleaning supplies around daily, making the process efficient and thorough.

However, if you’ve got multiple bathrooms, kids, or pets, the 15-minute weekly task might fall short.

Additionally, without the payment, you’re left to devise your deep cleaning schedule.

The FlyLady Routine

Happy family at home

The FlyLady Routine brings together cleaning and life management seamlessly.

It is well known for its definition of “CHAOS” (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome). 

The Flylady routine consists of these tasks as follows. Shine your sink every night, develop daily and weekly routines, clean or declutter in small chunks of time (or baby steps), and focus on one zone of the house each week.

In addition to the weekly zones, she has a weekly routine to follow. Monday–a one-hour “home blessing” (changing and washing bed sheets, emptying trash cans, dusting, vacuuming, and mopping)

For Tuesday–free day, Wednesday–anti-procrastination/partial desk day (for example, paying bills), Thursday–errands, Friday–date night, Saturday–family fun and Sunday–rest and relaxation.

These are just some of the Flylady routines that I have mentioned.

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It has a staggering 19 daily tasks, and it may seem overwhelming at first, but fear not – FlyLady breaks them down for a more manageable approach.

FlyLady’s weekly tasks are not all centered around cleaning. Picture setting aside a day for errands and another for bills and weekly planning.

The routine’s cleaning prowess truly kicks in with zone cleaning is a monthly task that splits your home into 5 zones.

Alongside your daily and weekly tasks, you spend no more than 15 minutes each day tackling the specific zone.

By the end of the month, every area in your house receives attention, addressing the major tasks first.

Is Flylady the one you are looking for?

While the FlyLady Routine may baffle initially, many swear by its effectiveness.

Ideal for perfectionists who thrive on a strict time management approach – when the timer dings, it’s time to move on.

However, due to the way daily tasks are segmented, maintaining this routine might pose challenges for those working outside the home.

There you have it. These are two of the best cleaning routines you can choose to have a home haven for yourself.

Caught Between Clean Mama and FlyLady and Need a Sanity Boost?

Still undecided between Clean Mama and FlyLady, I get it. The struggle to choose is real.

Having spent my fair share of hours navigating these two systems, I know the quest for the perfect cleaning routine is no joke.

Choosing one won’t make you have a spotless home instead we make it to have a harmonious space, a decluttered mind, and a happier you.

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That’s why I’ve put together a free checklist, Declutter for Self-Care checklist.

I’ve tailored it to complement your journey, whether you’re leaning towards the Clean Mama efficiency or diving into the FlyLady life-management vibes.

Click that download button and let’s kickstart a decluttering journey that’s all about you. Your home, your sanctuary, your well-being.

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