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How To Declutter Your Home With The FlyLady Method?

Have you ever heard about the FlyLady method of decluttering?

It’s like the new Marie Kondo craze that’s sweeping through homes everywhere!

But what exactly is it, and how can you jump on this decluttering bandwagon?

Who Is Behind The FlyLady Method

Let’s rewind to 1999 when Marla Cilley, a busy bee, began sharing her wisdom in a cleaning and decluttering forum.

She chose the nickname FlyLady – a nod to her love for fly fishing and her role in a male-dominated North Carolina legislature board.

Fast forward a bit, and FlyLady’s advice went from forum chatter to a buzzing email group, and eventually to a full-blown website.

And by 2016, FlyLady was a household name with over 300,000 email subscribers and 550,000 Facebook followers.

Marla Ciley didn’t just stop there, she penned two bestselling books and now runs a thriving online store, helping women across the globe tackle their clutter.

After knowing the history of where Flylady came from let’s check what is this technique for.

what is the FlyLady technique?

woman decluttering and doing laundry

In Marla’s words, this technique goes beyond cleaning and decluttering, it is a process of becoming the best version of yourself.

Breaking up your duties into smaller tasks makes it more easier and manageable, and it will provide you with a sense of peace.

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She also aims to help women break free from the shackles of clutter, making their lives more manageable and joyful.

The FlyLady technique is all about enhancing your life to make it work for you.

And guess what?

FlyLady, originally came from a cute reference to her fishing hobby, now stands for the “Finally Loving Yourself”(FLY) technique – how awesome is that?

How does the FlyLady technique work?

female housewife organizing bathroom

Within the FlyLady Method, household tasks are broken down into manageable increments, or bite-sized tasks, which are 15-minute chunks.

Marla calls these chunks of time “baby steps”, which compromise 31 small yet mighty actions to kickstart a habit of simplifying your life in decluttering.

These tasks, like laying out tomorrow’s outfit or shining your sink, are simple but impactful.

(And speaking of sinks, Marla’s first book, “Sink Reflections,” highlights how a glistening sink can revolutionize your daily routine.)

And all 31 of these tasks can all be done in a relatively small amount of time. Which not only makes you feel like you’re conquering your clutter, but also not feeling like you’re spending the entire day to clean.

Now It’s Time To Declutter Like The FlyLady

boxes of things for a garage sale and donation

Before diving into a FlyLady decluttering session, here’s what you need to prepare:

1. Put on Your shoes And Lace Up

Cleaning at home needs safety and readiness. Marla always recommends that your feet are protected from possible harm, like from fallen sharp objects or even broken glass.

Shoes will not only safeguard your feet but make you more comfortable and easier to move.

Just make sure to always tie your shoes before you start working or cleaning.

2. Assemble your decluttering kit

Make sure your decluttering kit is ready by acquiring containers that are used for specific purposes.

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For example, a trusty trash bag should be within your reach for items destined for disposal.

Or, a laundry basket could be a good temporary storage place for your belongings if you have a small space.

However, if you have items that you are ready to let go of but still holding onto currently, you can have a designated box that could easily fit into the trunk of your car for donating.

With these containers at your disposal, the decluttering process becomes not just efficient but also systematical, making sure each item finds its rightful place.

3. Find a timer to keep track of Your Decluttering Sessions

Time is gold as we always say but, it could be also the key to a successful decluttering session.

We all know that decluttering can be a bit tiring and overwhelming. The best way to overcome this is to have a 15-minute interval in every task that you do.

By doing this, you will avoid feeling tired and will be able to focus on more important things to do.

Use one that works best for you, like the one in your kitchen, on your phone, or any device capable of alerting you after 15 minutes.

This simple strategy helps you stay on track and turns everything into a series of manageable tasks rather than an exhaustive marathon.

What does The FlyLady Method Work The Best On?

woman selecting clothes from her wardrobe for donating

The answer is, in tackling clutter of course!

This method is about eliminating clutter to find peace and success in life. What is Marla’s approach? Break big tasks into smaller, 15-minute steps.

Consistently chipping away at these tasks brings about real, lasting change.

Let’s say you’re wrestling with a cluttered wardrobe. Segment it into categories, and if needed, further break it down into 15-minute slots.

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Work on these small segments daily, and voilà! You’re making strides towards your decluttering goals.

Additionally, The FlyLady method is a gateway to freedom from the overwhelmed clutter. It’s a self-help journey in disguise.

Marla’s golden rule?

Start small, embrace the snowball effect, and most importantly, forgive yourself when you slip up. This wisdom applies to life in general.

Whether it’s hitting the gym, learning to meditate, or starting a big project, This is how Marla’s baby steps and 15-minute rule can work wonders.

So there you have it, the FlyLady method in a nutshell.

Overwhelmed with Your Everyday Decluttering Tasks and Need a Break?

Making our home the safest and most comfortable place we could stay is like a dream come true but sometimes it could be a bit overwhelming.

Having a pile of tasks on your plate, and thinking of the things you haven’t done yet makes you feel mentally stressed and tired the whole day.

That is the reason why I created the Declutter For Self-Care checklist.

Inside I give several checklists for you to use to help declutter not only your physical space but also your mental and emotional space as well.

Click the link below and get a stress free Declutter For Self-Care checklist that you need!


Is the FlyLady app free?

You can also access morning messages from Marla, daily missions, and an “Ask FlyLady” question and answer for the day.

And, the app has a little timer built into it for when you want to do a 15-minute decluttering session! The app is free on iTunes.

Who is the owner of FlyLady?

FlyLady is a support and self-help group that offers advice to help people with housekeeping, founded by “The FlyLady”, Marla Cilley.

The group is based upon the website, as well as a Constant Contact group for its email mailing list.

How old is FlyLady?

Flylady is Marla Cilley, 49, from Brevard in North Carolina – her name comes from her love of flyfishing.

What is swish and swipe FlyLady?

Swish and swipe is when you use the toilet brush to swish the toilet, clear your daily items off your counter, and wipe down the counters.

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