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How to Stop Being Grumpy

I wrote a post on my website a while ago called “How to Stop Being Grumpy” and it is one of the posts that comes up a lot for people in search queries (a lot to *me*, not a lot in general…)

Read the original post here.

So I decided to do a more detailed video on how to stop being grumpy 🙂 I experience two types of being grumpy – bursting into tears randomly, and being quietly angry and slightly passive aggressive.

This blog is super A.D.D. – I saw a stick bug on the window (which I later found out was a praying mantis) and I had a Gatinho-love moment. (He was sitting in my lap for most of the video.) I decided to include all the randomness.

Here are my three-ish tips:

1. Talk about it! Whether it is at work, or in your personal life, talking about it in a light-hearted way can help you discover what is really going on.

2. Help someone, or do something to get out of yourself.

3. Do something creative – draw your feelings or journal

3-ish. Write lists – what is going well? What are you grateful for? Can you take any action regarding your grumpy causes?

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