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The Marie Kondo Cleaning Method (Spark Joy And Declutter Your Life)

Are you tired of living in a cluttered and disorganized space, feeling overwhelmed by the chaos, and unable to find peace and joy in your home?

It’s frustrating when you constantly struggle to keep your living space tidy, spending precious time and energy searching for misplaced items or feeling suffocated by the accumulation of stuff. 

Also, the clutter not only affects your physical surroundings but also affects your mental well-being, leaving you feeling stressed and drained.

Luckily, a transformative solution has captured millions worldwide’s attention—the Marie Kondo cleaning method. 

On top of that, following this revolutionary approach, you can declutter, organize, and create a harmonious living environment that sparks joy.

In addition, this article will guide you through the principles and practical steps of the Marie Kondo cleaning method, empowering you to regain control of your space and find renewed serenity. 

So, get ready to bid farewell to clutter and embrace a life-changing approach that will transform your home and positively impact your mindset and overall well-being.

The KonMari Process

I’m thrilled to share an incredible approach to decluttering that has taken the world by storm: the KonMari method. 

If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed by your belongings and yearning for a more organized and serene living space, prepare to embark on a life-changing journey with me.

Step 1: Commitment And Mindset 

A woman in purple looking at her clean living room while sitting on her gray sofa

So, before I dive into the nitty-gritty of decluttering, let’s talk about the importance of commitment and mindset. 

Try to illustrate this, you wake up in the morning, and instead of being greeted by a chaotic mess, you’re met with a clean, tidy space. 

(It sounds impressive!)

Well, achieving that requires a positive mindset and wholehearted commitment. 

Marie Kondo, the brilliant mind behind the KonMari method, believes that when you approach decluttering with a can-do attitude and genuinely embrace the idea of a clutter-free life, you set yourself up for success.

Step 2: Tidying By Category, Not Location 

Let’s jump into the second step of the KonMari process: tidying by category, not location.

Also, this is where the magic truly happens! 

In addition, rather than tackling one room at a time, you’ll focus on specific types of items. 

Trust me; this approach will revolutionize the way you declutter.

1. First Up Is Clothing

Now, I know how easy it is for clothes to accumulate and find their way into every corner of your home. 

So, here’s the plan: gather all your clothes from your bedroom, your closet, that chair in the corner—everywhere! 

Pile them up in one spot. 

Now, pick up each item and ask yourself, “Does this spark joy?” 

If the answer is a resounding yes, it deserves a place in your revamped wardrobe. 

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But if it doesn’t bring you joy or serve a purpose anymore, it’s time to bid it farewell and create space for something that truly makes your heart sing.

2. Next On The List Is Books

Everyone has a soft spot for their beloved book collections. 

But let’s face it; some books may have overstayed their welcome on your shelves. 

So, grab all your books and hold them in your hands. 

Feel the weight of the stories they hold and the knowledge they offer. 

Also, keep the books that truly resonate with you, the ones you cherish and can’t imagine parting with. 

As for the rest, it’s time to share the literary love by passing them on to someone who will appreciate them as much as you once did.

3. Paper

Paper clutter—it’s the bane of your existence, right? 

However, there is nothing to worry about!

So, I’m going to tackle it head-on. 

Gather all those stacks of papers, bills, and documents that seem to multiply overnight. 

Now, please take a deep breath and start sorting through them. 

Also, keep the important ones, like legal documents and sentimental letters. 

But let go of the unnecessary ones—the expired coupons, old receipts, and outdated manuals. 

Remember, you’re aiming for a clutter-free life, and digitizing documents whenever possible can save you physical storage space and ensure you have access to them when needed.

4. Komono (Miscellaneous Items)

Let’s move on to komono, which refers to all the miscellaneous items that somehow find their way into your homes. 

So, this can include kitchen utensils, toys, gadgets, and all those little knick-knacks that clutter your drawers. 

Now, take your time with this category. 

Pick up each item and ask yourself, “Does this bring me joy? Do I use it?” 

If the answer is a resounding yes, then it’s a keeper. 

But if you are hesitating or feeling indifferent, it’s time to bid farewell and make room for the things that truly enhance your life.

5. Sentimental Items

Finally, you arrive at sentimental items. 

These are the treasures that hold special memories and deep emotional significance. 

Also, they can be photographs, souvenirs, or mementos passed down through generations. 

Now, this category can be the trickiest to declutter. 

However, it’s okay to feel attached to these items. 

Remember, the memories matter, not the physical objects themselves. 

So, take a moment with each sentimental item. 

If it genuinely brings you joy and fills your heart with happiness every time you see it, then, by all means, keep it and display it proudly. 

But if it’s causing more stress than joy, consider honoring the memories differently, like taking a photo or writing a heartfelt journal entry, and let the item go.

Step 3: The Joy Check 

After you’ve gone through the decluttering process, performing a joy check is essential. 

So, this is where you evaluate the items you’ve decided to keep and ask yourself if they still spark joy in your life. 

Remember, your lives are ever-evolving, and what once brought you joy may no longer do so. 

Therefore, regularly assessing the items you’ve kept ensures that your living space reflects your current self and brings you the happiness you deserve.

Step 4: Organizing And Storing 

A woman putting her pants in her drawer


You’ve made it through the decluttering phase, and now it’s time to organize and store your cherished belongings. 

Marie Kondo’s philosophy emphasizes assigning a specific place for each item—a cozy home. 

So this helps you maintain order and makes it easier to find what you need when needed. 

That’s why consider investing in storage solutions that work for you, whether stylish bins, drawer dividers, or clever shelving systems. 

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On top of that, find what sparks joy for you regarding the organization, and create a space that brings you peace and tranquility.

So, armed with the KonMari method, my fellow clutter conquerors, you’re well on your way to a clutter-free haven. 

In addition, decluttering isn’t just about tidying up your physical space—it’s a form of self-care. 

As you let go of the excess and surround yourself with joy-sparking items, you’ll experience a newfound sense of freedom, peace, and clarity.

Benefits Of The Marie Kondo Method

The Marie Kondo cleaning method offers more than a tidy living space—it brings many benefits beyond the physical realm. 

So, let’s explore the remarkable advantages of embracing this method and how it can positively impact your life.

1. Clarity And Calmness In The Living Space

A clean, spacious, and stunning living room with a white chair and a drawer beside the chair

By decluttering and organizing your belongings using the Marie Kondo method, you create a space free from unnecessary distractions and visual chaos. 

So, the result is a living environment that promotes clarity and calmness. 

Also, imagine entering a room where everything has a place and every item brings you joy. 

Such an environment fosters a sense of tranquility and allows you to focus on the things that truly matter.

2. Enhanced Decision-Making Skills

A stunning blond woman thinking while looking at her laptop

Throughout the KonMari process, you develop and refine your decision-making skills. 

Consciously evaluating each item and determining if it sparks joy cultivates a deeper understanding of your preferences and values. 

Moreover, this newfound clarity extends beyond tidying and can positively influence decision-making in other aspects of life.

3. Increased Appreciation For Belongings

A woman smiling while folding her clothes

The Marie Kondo method encourages you to develop a mindful and appreciative relationship with your belongings. 

By surrounding yourself only with items that spark joy, you naturally develop a deeper appreciation for what you choose to keep. 

Furthermore, each item holds meaning and serves a purpose, allowing you to cherish and enjoy what you truly own.

4. Sustainable And Mindful Approach To Consumption

A woman in white putting her clothes in the plastic basket while smiling

One of the core principles of the Marie Kondo method is to be mindful of the things you bring into your life. 

By tidying and assessing what sparks joy, you become more aware of your consumption habits. 

Also, this newfound awareness can inspire you to make more conscious choices when acquiring new possessions. 

By embracing a sustainable approach to consumption, you can reduce waste, save money, and contribute to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

So, the benefits of the Marie Kondo cleaning method extend far beyond a clean and organized home. 

It empowers you to create a living space that supports your well-being, enhances decision-making skills, cultivates appreciation, and promotes a mindful approach to consumption. 

As you embark on this journey, remember that the true joy lies in the destination and the transformative process.

Practical Tips For Successful Implementation

To ensure a successful implementation of the Marie Kondo cleaning method, here are some practical tips to guide you through your tidying journey:

1. Start With A Small Category

So, begin your decluttering process by tackling a small category first. 

Also, this allows you to ease into the method and build momentum. 

Therefore, starting with items that are easier to decide about, such as clothes or books, will help you gain confidence and experience early success. 

Once you feel more comfortable, you can gradually move on to more significant and sentimental categories.

2. Create A Decluttering Schedule

Set aside dedicated time in your schedule for decluttering. 

Also, consistency is vital in maintaining progress and momentum. 

Whether it’s a few hours each weekend or designated decluttering sessions throughout the week, having a schedule ensures that you make steady progress toward your goal. 

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Therefore, treat this time as a commitment to yourself and your living space.

3. Utilize Proper Storage Solutions

Invest in proper storage solutions to help maintain the tidiness and organization of your belongings. 

Also, utilize storage containers, bins, dividers, or shelves to create designated spaces for different items. 

When everything has its place, it becomes easier to maintain order and quickly find what you need. 

Moreover, consider the unique storage requirements of each category, such as specialized hangers for clothes or bookends for books.

4. Maintain The Tidiness

The Marie Kondo method is not a one-time event but a lifelong commitment to maintaining a clutter-free and joyful living space. 

Therefore, make it a habit to assess your belongings regularly, ensure that everything remains organized, and spark joy. 

Also, implement simple daily habits, such as tidying up before bed or returning items to their designated places after use. 

In addition, by consistently maintaining tidiness, you can prevent clutter from accumulating again.

Remember, the key to successful implementation is patience, consistency, and embracing the Marie Kondo cleaning method principles. 

By starting small, creating a decluttering schedule, utilizing proper storage solutions, and maintaining tidiness, you will transform your living space and cultivate a lasting sense of joy and harmony.

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What Are The 5 Steps Of The KonMari Method?

The KonMari method consists of five steps:

  1. Commit yourself to tidying up: Make a firm decision to declutter and organize your space.
  2. Imagine your ideal lifestyle: Visualize the environment you want to create and how it will positively impact your life.
  3. Discard first, organize later: Sort your belongings by category and keep only the items that spark joy in your heart.
  4. Tidy by category, not location: Organize your possessions systematically, starting with clothing, then moving on to books, papers, miscellaneous items, and finally, sentimental items.
  5. Follow the order: Arrange items within each category to make them easily visible and accessible while finding a designated place for each item to maintain tidiness in the long term.

What Does Marie Kondo Say About Cleaning?

The renowned organizing consultant Marie Kondo emphasizes tidying up and decluttering your living spaces.

She advocates for the KonMari method, which involves sorting belongings by category and keeping only those that spark joy.

Also, Kondo’s approach promotes a mindful and intentional approach to cleaning, encouraging individuals to create a harmonious and joyful environment.

What Is The KonMari Method Of Tidying Your Home?

The KonMari method, created by Marie Kondo, is a systematic approach to decluttering and organizing your home.

It involves sorting through belongings by category, starting with clothing, then moving on to books, papers, miscellaneous items, and sentimental items.

Also, the central principle of the KonMari method is to keep only those items that spark joy and to discard or donate the rest, resulting in a simplified and harmonious living space.

Is Marie Kondo’s Method Good?

The Marie Kondo method has garnered widespread popularity and has proven effective for many individuals.

Its emphasis on decluttering and organizing based on items that spark joy has helped people create cleaner, more organized living spaces.

However, the method’s effectiveness depends on personal preferences and needs, as different people may have different approaches to tidying and organizing.

How Do I Start Organizing My Marie Kondo?

To start organizing your space using the Marie Kondo method, gather all your belongings in one category, such as clothing or books.

Then, review each item individually and ask yourself if it sparks joy.

If it does, keep it; if it doesn’t, thank it and let it go.

Finally, find a designated place for each remaining item, ensuring everything has a specific home and is easily accessible.

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