My First StitchFix! Was It Worth It? Personal Stylist Subscription Box

My First StitchFix! Was It Worth It? Personal Stylist Subscription Box

stitch fix was it worth itI ordered my first Stitch Fix subscription box! Order yours here.

I received 5 items in the $50-100 range, and each item was under $60. You can also choose the range “as cheap as possible” but since this was my first box, I didn’t want to limit quality TOO much.

The clothes are VERY well made. Nice materials, and as the reviews suggested, PERFECT fit. I am 5 3″ and usually wear a 6 or 8 in the bottom (medium and sometimes large) and a 4 or 6 in the top (small). I have short legs and long arms for my height, and I let them know that on my detailed style profile.

You can tell them how adventurous you’d like to be, and for what occasions you most often dress.

I wear business casual/preppy clothes most of the time, even on the weekends…but I DID want some “date night” clothes too. So my stylist chose tops that would be good for work AND going out, and I think she hit the nail on the head.

What I didn’t film, because I didn’t see it until later, is that my stylist actually wrote me a personal note responding to my preferences on my Pinterest page. She saw some cute skirts on my page, which is why she thought I’d like the polka dots (which I DO love them).

People most often ask me: Was it worth it? And I would say: definitely yes. However, it’s not something I would do every month because it is an investment (not the cheapest clothes ever). I think I would do it every few months to get new ideas and add some unique pieces to what I already have.

On my Pinterest page, you can see how I styled everything with what I already own:

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