Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

“Stick it to ‘Em” 3/2 6-9pm

This show involves art that is entirely made on post-it notes. This is the second post-it note show that Eat End Studio Gallery has done, and the first was a huge success. I will have a 3×12 foot space, so come see what I did! I would bet that many of you will know mine when you see it.

Click here for more info on this show, March 2 from 6-9pm at 708 Telephone Rd.

"Stick it to Em'" Art on Post It's Group Show

Watson Gallery Art Party 3/2 & 3/9 6-10pm

Watson Gallery always has new local artists, a great variety of art, and free beer and wine. They are having a party this Friday from 6-10pm, and next Friday, March 9th from 6-10pm. I have 4 pieces showing in the main hall. Come see me! Message me on Facebook if you want to touch base with me about my schedule that night and we can try to meet up.

Alison and Jayeverhart at HEB Montrose 3/25 2-4pm

HEB Montrose has a great outdoor cafe/patio area. It has tons of tables and seating, and the cafe serves lots of food and drinks. I am excited that they invited me to come back, and want to make sure you know about it! (Since I didn’t invite anyone last time…) I hope you can make it. You can see the event invite by clicking here.

Alison and Jayeverhart at HEB Montrose

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