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Why having a self-esteem is an advantage during interactions

Having self esteem definitely has advantages when interacting with people. Below, I’ve outlined 3 reasons WHY having a self esteem is advantageous.

That said…what if you don’t have a high self esteem? I know this is a struggle for many people, including myself. That’s why below, I’ve also outlined some of the techniques I use to improve my confidence.

Hope it helps!

4 Ways Self Esteem Helps You When Talking to People

First: if you have self esteem and some level of confidence, it makes it easier to be yourself. Generally speaking, I think people can sense authenticity. If you feel comfortable being yourself, you’re more likely to have a meaningful interaction with someone.

Second: the better I feel about myself, the more likely I am to be able to express my opinion and/or remain resilient. This allows me to remain true to myself when someone has a different opinion than I do. If I’m confident, I’m free from the discomfort that can come from self-doubt.

Third: The higher my self esteem, the more I’m able to value myself and my abilities. This results in more enjoyment of life in general, and like the first tip, will result in more meaningful reactions with people. I personally believe it will also make interactions with people *easier* and more enjoyable.

I need interaction and connection with others to be happy and fulfilled in life. Even as an introvert, I still need people. And when my esteem is low, it can make interaction very difficult—especially when I need it most.

So…I want to end with a few more tips on *how* to be more confident.



  1. I realize its ok to not know everything—people love talking about themselves and what they do or know, so if I don’t understand what someone is talking about…I ask.
  2. I realize that everyone else is as awkward as I am to some extent. Even the most outgoing and beautiful person does weird things sometimes. I embrace my weirdness.
  3. I realize that my imperfections are part of what make me relatable. I have a YouTube channel and I’m pretty awkward, but I’m told by subscribers that its endearing and helpful. This gave me much more confidence talking with people in “real life.”
  4. I appreciate both my strengths and my weaknesses. If someone gives me a compliment or if I know I’m good at something, I don’t brush it off. I *own* my strengths regardless how how numerous or few they are. This helps me feel balanced when I realize a weakness. For example, I’m terrible at trivia and remembering facts. If I pretend I know trivia, I look like an idiot. If I admit up front I’m terrible at trivia, I can give someone else the opportunity to shine.

Hope that helps

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