2014 In Review! What I Accomplished Without Goals

I feel like I did a bit of a life review in November when I turned 30, and now I am reflecting over the year. It’s been  while since I’ve done a new year’s type post thing, but it has been a big year! And I have a lot to be thankful for. (I know: blah blah blah yada yada yada. But I’m going to keep writing anyway).

I usually don’t do New Year’s resolutions because I change my mind a lot about what I want to do. This year was no different – no real resolutions. I want be the kind of person who makes goals and focuses on them… But what usually works for me is just doing something like a vision board, and not getting too specific. Usually, the ideas on the board come to fruition eventually, but I don’t put too much pressure on myself. I really just want to be happy and serene, so as long as that’s happening I’m good.

So below are some of the major things that were accomplished this year.

Surprise House!

As the year progressed and I saw how volatile the real estate market was, I realized that I wanted to buy a house before our rent went up. I know this seems counter-intuitive – why not just wait until the market softened? Two reasons:

  1. Our rent wasn’t even covering the taxes on our house, and that we could be paying a mortgage for what our rent was.
  2. I feared that the market would level out at prices that were even higher than I wanted to pay or could afford.

So, I dragged Chris into my sudden decision to buy a house. He was quite surprised and concerned at my sudden determination to buy a house, but ironically he was the one who discovered the house we ended up buying and it is still surreal to both of us.

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Discovering My…Image?

This was something on my vision board. I really wanted to get in touch more with my creativity and take my talents to the next level. I did this at work and in my personal life.

At work, I earned a certification in Search Engine Optimization, and I became an expert at doing SEO for my job/industry. There is always more to know, but I accomplished a lot this year. I used to feel period bouts of intense fear at my job. In the middle of doing something completely unrelated, I would suddenly get this overwhelming feeling that I was incompetent and had no idea what I was doing. I no longer get that feeling! We are opening up two new offices in 2015 so my job will be changing a lot, but I am excited about the challenges and I now know that I can handle them.

Personally, disconnecting myself from church, health movements, and even recovery circles helped me to settle into some of my own values and spirituality more. I feel confident, independent and unique, but not arrogant. I still love learning from people, but I take what I like and leave the rest and feel good about it.


Another thing that made 2014 a big year was getting engaged. Honestly, Chris and my relationship has progressed in a lovely, organic way and this wasn’t a surprise. The timing was a surprise, but I knew it was coming eventually. I’ve been really happy with how our friendship has grown over the last 3 years and I feel calm and confident about our future (calm = my favorite feeling).

The End

There were obviously other things that happened this year that were significant to me, but I was particularly excited for these milestones.

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What did you accomplish in 2014? What are you most grateful for? What are you excited about in 2015? Let me know!

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