About Alison

I’m Alison. I run Alison’s Notebook as a resource for average people looking to find more happiness and contentment in day-day life. I have been a professional Marketing Strategist and blogger since 2011.

I started this blog as a place to share paintings and sell them. My dad passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack during the 4 years I wasn’t drinking, and I needed a way to process, grieve and cope. I painted a LOT! And then one day…I didn’t anymore (which was ok). So, I then began posting my original music and lyrics on the blog. And then one day…I didn’t anymore (which was also ok).

So, for the last few years, this site has simply continued and grown as a place where I share self improvement tips and experiences—regardless of how imperfect they are.

I aim for this site to be entertaining, helpful, inspirational and for the most part light-hearted.


Embracing Awkward

Despite some introverted tendencies, I’ve always been pretty transparent about my personal experiences. Over time, I learned that while sometimes things get awkward when you share your personal journey—and I came to realize how many people benefited from hearing those experiences. I personally love seeing and hearing people’s stories and what they learned.

I love learning about personal development, but more than that: I love the connection created when we share our stories.

And its awkward!

But we have so much to gain from #EmbracingAwkward. Laughter, tears, growth, grief, joy, excitement. I love it all. I am HERE for it! And I’m guessing you are too.

The Community

The Alison’s Notebook community is a friendly and supportive hive. If you are looking for guides on self-care, product reviews related to happiness, simple/relatable fashion and beauty, self-care and body positivity, or just entertaining posts…you’ve come to the right place 🙂

I try not to give any fluffy advice, I simply share my experiences.

I’m a silly girl with an old soul. My hair says, “Yeah, I’m up for whatever,” but my glasses say, “Only if I’m home by 10”.

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Here are some facts about me…

I’m from New Jersey, but I grew up mostly in Houston, TX with my identical twin sister and brother.

I work really hard at everything I try, and I love learning new things and then teaching others.

My dad left my mom when I was 14, and while my relationship with him was repaired over time, his unexpected death in my twenties changed the course of my life when I finally gave myself permission to follow my intuition and stop people-pleasing.

I have a degree in “Christian Leadership,” from a black Bible College, but became agnostic after graduating. 

I’m a marketing coach and I love real estate.

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