Self Improvement Through Self Care & Intentional Living

Are you wondering when you’ll finally feel good about where you are?

Are you struggling to feel positive or make progress in your personal or professional life?

Do you sometimes use humor when talking about heavy topics?

If so…you’re in the right place!

Our mission is to help women create happiness through simple advice and soulful inspiration.

There is no pressure to get it perfect… Because self improvement is awkward for everyone!

I think you’ll find my approach a fresh breath of air.

Many struggle with finding happiness and control over their lives.

At Alison’s Notebook, I write about the awkward art of self improvement. We provide practical advice for the feeling of overwhelm and lack of confidence that many people experience.

There is no pressure to be perfect…because self improvement is awkward for everyone!

I think you’ll find my approach a breath of fresh air, and I’d love to partner with you.

We love learning about personal development, but more than that: I love the connection created when we share our stories.

And its awkward!

But we have so much to gain from #EmbracingAwkward. Laughter, tears, growth, grief, joy, excitement. I love it all. We are HERE for it! And I’m guessing you are too.

The Community

The Alison’s Notebook community is a friendly and supportive hive. If you are looking for guides on self-care, product reviews related to happiness, simple/relatable fashion and beauty, self-care and body positivity, or just entertaining posts…you’ve come to the right place 🙂

We try not to give any fluffy advice, we simply share my experiences.

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