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Beauty: It Touches Everything

What would it be like if you lived each day, each breath, as a work of art in progress? Imagine that you are a masterpiece unfolding, every second of every day, a work of art taking form with every breath.
— Thomas Crum

On my vision board, one of the quotes says ‘Beauty: it touches everything’.

One thing I am incredibly grateful for is the fact that even though I have experienced a lot of sadness since my dad’s death, I see the last few months as positive light. I have grown and changed and had opportunities to see vey clearly how God is carrying me and using me. I love and serve people out of a desire to do so and not out of a pure sense of obligation. This is a huge change for me.

It comforts me tremendously to see so much beauty, and I know God is showing me in a very personal way that He really does work all things for my good.

This week, God showed me something incredibly beautiful. A girl I have been getting to know is in pain. She is struggling. This week, I saw her make herself vulnerable regarding her struggle, but THEN, she said that because of her current struggle…she wanted to be available to people who were in pain. She wanted to help and love on people.

I thought that was powerful. That is how I see God working. He teaches me, stretches me, challenges me, refines me. It hurts, but the pain is real, temporary and rewarding. Then, I get to keep the gifts I receive from that experience, but only if I give them away. It was really precious to see someone close to me in the midst of this process.


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