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    Stop Saying Sorry // 3 Big Shifts and Self Awareness

    Stop saying sorry. In this post, our guest author Nicole is going to share exactly how she learned to STOP saying sorry, and why you should too.  “I’m sorry…”, “Please forgive me…” and Other Silly Things That Made My Life Difficult. Does that statement ruffle some feathers? I was raised predominantly by my grandmother. My mom was a teenage mother and my grandparents thought she didn’t need the burden of raising a little girl. So they sent my mom off to New York to fashion school while a 3 year old little girl (me) stayed behind missing her mom to bits and creating limiting beliefs that she is not good…

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    Building Self Esteem, Confidence and Honoring Intuition // Live Event Recap

    I was invited to speak live in  a Facebook group, where I covered Building Self Esteem, Confidence and Honoring Intuition through sharing the most transitional 7 years of my life.     I discussed how to make difficult changes, accepting transformation and how to utilize and practice self care and I broke it down into three phases… Phase 1: Building Self Esteem Phase 2: Building Confidence Phase 3: Honoring Intuition A lot of what I shared in this event are things I’ve shared in the past through various articles, so below, I’m going include 1) references to the full story whenever possible and 2) any resources that viewers may find…

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    How to Rebuild Self-Esteem After Breakup When Someone Cheats on You

    If your boyfriend cheated on you: first of all, I’m sorry. Someone cheated on me before and it sucks. And that’s why I want to write this post… and hopefully help others rebuild self-esteem after breakup. When I was 14, my dad cheated on my mom, and then my first boyfriend ever cheated on me. Between those two experiences I had a pretty sorry impression of myself AND men. I grew up assuming all men cheated, and I lived my life in fear of being abandoned in every relationship I was in for a long time. As you can imagine…this thinking didn’t result in a ton of awesome relationships. Many…

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    How to Build More Self Confidence // 5 Tips For Anyone

    It’s easy to live my life comparing myself to other people, which is why, for me, learning how to build self confidence was extremely helpful. Building self confidence has been a component of learning and practicing self-care, which is still pretty new for me. “Her thighs are thinner than mine.” “I’m not as smart as him.” “I’m not as talented as her.” “People don’t like me as much as they like…” When I don’t consciously STOP and think, my mind can get flooded by insecure thoughts and fears. But I’ve realized, especially recently, that I have a lot to have self confidence about and to feel self worth for. I’m…

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    Sustainable Self-Esteem and A Few “Quick Fixes”

    By Courtney Howell  While researching ways to increase confidence and self-esteem I ran across a few different articles that at first really blew me away. They suggested ways to increase self-esteem that seemed really ultimately counterproductive if done individually for people who really need an overhaul in this area.  I’ll give some background here before jumping into everything. Being raised in a dysfunctional family heavily affected by alcoholism, I didn’t have much of a shot to initially develop self-esteem. Quite the opposite really- I tried to survive and face many negative statements constantly being thrown at me. Consequently I developed a very low sense of self-esteem and once I reached…