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    How to Build a Versatile Wardrobe // 34 Outfits From 10 Items

    After wearing the same outfit for 21 days and creating a dress code out of it, I’ve felt intrigued at the idea of how to build a versatile wardrobe from a few items. Tell me if this sounds familiar… You’re subscribed to emails for a few clothing stores you like. All of a sudden, you get a sales email from Forever 21 and you excitedly head over to the website or app. You begin browsing and you see all these cute people wearing cute clothes and you imagine how DANG awesome you’ll look in those same clothes. You put in an order. Anxiously await for the clothing to arrive. Then…

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    Size 12 Shorts for Women // Mini Summer Amazon Haul

    Are you struggling to find flattering size 12 shorts for women? Well, I was too and decided to buy a bunch from Amazon and have myself a good old fashioned Amazon haul. (Ok, mini haul). For ages, I hated my legs and wouldn’t wear anything that showed them. They’re thick. They rub together. I’ve never had thigh gap? But you know what? I look heckin’ fine and I’m ready to try on some shorts, look cute and be comfortable. I tired on 5 pairs of shorts from Amazon, and at the end I also showed a pair of shorts I recently bought from Walmart during a summer emergency situation. Below…

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    Same Outfit for 21 Days // Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe

    For 21 days, I wore the same outfit to work *every single day*. Then for 3 weeks after that I expanded a bit and added a few other items with a very narrow, minimalist capsule wardrobe theme. The week of Labor Day in 2018, I decided during the short 4-day work week to wear the same outfit every day. To be completely honest…it was a joke. I knew it would be a light week staff-wise, and I genuinely wanted to see whether or not anyone noticed and then make a YouTube video about. The thing was… Nobody noticed! So the experiment continued into the next week. I bought another shirt…

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    How to Wear White Pants: 3 Tips Even If You’re Thick

    Hi everyone! In today’s video, I give 3 tips on how to wear white pants (even if you’re thick). They’re probably not what you think. If you want to know how to wear white pants, then he back story to this is that I’ve gained a lot of weight, and really missed wearing my favorite pair of white pants. Maybe you relate, and maybe not. BUT… I finally realized… I can wear whatever the heck I want and still look great. So, now that I have some white pants in my life, I want to share my 3 biggest tips that help me feel confident! What are YOUR tips? Add…

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    LulaRoe! IS It Worth All the Hype? [Video + Info]

    LulaRoe! I tried it… I love a lot of it, I like some of it less. Have you tried it? What did you think? Stay updated here for the date of the online event I’ll host, and comment below if you’re interested in attending so I can include you. I uploaded a sizing chart below, but this link is great. That link also includes all the different pieces, most of which I haven’t tried. Haven’t heard of LulaRoe? Here is what they say about themselves: LuLaRoe strives to continuously find ways to Bless Lives and Strengthen Families. Believe it or not, your favorite LuLaRoe piece has its own story. The…

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    Fall 2016 StitchFix Unboxing and Try-On!

    Hi guys! Um, sorry it’s been so long since I did a video. I got a dog and took a few months to focus on how to restructure my life. I haven’t done StitchFix in a while because my last two boxes were suuuuuper mediocre. I didn’t even post the last one! But I love everything about Fall and figured there would be a few options I liked, and there were! My referral link if you want to try StitchFix: https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/3743176 Here is my first StitchFix Here is my second StitchFix Here is my third StitchFix Here is my fourth StitchFix

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    Third StitchFix Review! Find Out What I Did to Get My Best Fix Yet! | Alison’s Notebook Unboxing

    https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/3743176 – (Remember, 5th comment below gets a tiny gift). Last month, I received my third StitchFix. Since my last StitchFix was paid for mostly with referral fees I’d saved (thank you to anyone who clicked on my link!) then doing another one so soon wasn’t a big deal (on my pocket book). One reason I was so excited about this one is because I’ve been watching other people’s videos, particularly Ellko (linked below) and she mentioned how she gets REALLY specific in her likes and dislikes. She also said she gets the same stylist every time, and that every Fix gets a bit better because her stylist is learning…

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    Warby Parker Sunglasses Try-on Extravaganza

    In this week’s video, I try on 5 pair of glasses from Warby Parker for free with special guest, Juan! Juan is someone I regularly go to for opinions and beauty + fashion advice, and in the video he gives his opinion of the glasses, how they look on me personally, and then he tries them on too. He cracks me up and I heart him. Try 5 pairs of frame for FREE 😀 – Warby Parker Warby Parker – https://www.warbyparker.com – Warby Parker is an AWESOME online glasses company. They have really competitive prices for prescription glasses, which is why I buy from them. I’ve never owned prescription sunglasses…

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    My First StitchFix! Was It Worth It? Personal Stylist Subscription Box

    I ordered my first Stitch Fix subscription box! Order yours here. I received 5 items in the $50-100 range, and each item was under $60. You can also choose the range “as cheap as possible” but since this was my first box, I didn’t want to limit quality TOO much. The clothes are VERY well made. Nice materials, and as the reviews suggested, PERFECT fit. I am 5 3″ and usually wear a 6 or 8 in the bottom (medium and sometimes large) and a 4 or 6 in the top (small). I have short legs and long arms for my height, and I let them know that on my…

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    Cycling Shorts vs Alison’s Thighs

    Since gaining back more than half of my weight loss, I’ve been feeling a lot of shame about my body. I always liked it before, even at my heavier weight; but I gained a certain mindset while losing weight, and it damaged my self-love and acceptance. Last Sunday, I felt really sad about my body image. I’ve been obsessing over my body and clothes lately. I know I am doing it and I hate it. Last Sunday, I finally broke down in tears and talked to someone. My biggest complaint is my legs. I remember being in the first grade and comparing myself to the other girls. First Grade. That…