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    How to Create Tiny Happiness // 6 Tips

    What do you think of when you hear the phrase “create tiny happiness”? A while back, I made a video about “how to be happy”, and while I think that the tips addressed how to find more contentment, I also think “how to be happy” or the idea of being happy in general is overused and misunderstood. You’re not going to be happy all the time. And there’s a reason for it—your brain needs the highs and lows in order for you to comprehend relative positive and negative experiences. One thing I think most articles miss when talking about how to create tiny happiness and contentment is something that I…

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    Kawaii Squishies // Squishy Unboxing Review

    This week, I did something very silly…. I ordered a crap-ton of kawaii squishes from Amazon and reviewed them. #whatismylife I’m not sure if you’ve ever experienced these before, but if you haven’t, you’re truly missing out. I know these are still popular, but when they first started trending two years ago…I didn’t get it. Then recently, they started appearing at my local drugstore and I couldn’t help myself. So, I bought one, fell in LOVE, and went to Amazon to try a ton more. And… I’m hooked. If you liked this video, definitely go to YouTube and comment so I know! If you hated it…let me know that too. Here…

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    How to Build More Self Confidence // 5 Tips For Anyone

    It’s easy to live my life comparing myself to other people, which is why, for me, learning how to build self confidence was extremely helpful. Building self confidence has been a component of learning and practicing self-care, which is still pretty new for me. “Her thighs are thinner than mine.” “I’m not as smart as him.” “I’m not as talented as her.” “People don’t like me as much as they like…” When I don’t consciously STOP and think, my mind can get flooded by insecure thoughts and fears. But I’ve realized, especially recently, that I have a lot to have self confidence about and to feel self worth for. I’m…