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    How to Start Journaling About Your Grief // Pick Me Up Box Tips

    “It’s been a year since I embarked on a grief journaling weekend, in the middle of nowhere, to start processing 12 years of built up prolonged grief that I had been holding inside me since my mom died…” Guest Article Written By: Felicia Bates, Pick Me Up Box I looked at my husband, asked him to take care of our almost 2-year-old daughter for 3 days, and drove to a small Airbnb in the country for solitude and grief processing. Other than over a decade of unresolved grief, I finally arrived to this milestone in my life after a year of therapy and reading The Grief Recovery Handbook. Making this…

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    Raw Foods and Nutrition Update

    I Love Raw Food! Those of you who follow me on Facebook already know that most of my calories come from raw fruits and veggies. I was mostly raw back in December and got out of it for a while. Due to health issues, I am now back to a high raw diet. On a week to week basis, I would guess 60-70% of what I eat are raw fruits and veggies. My guy is a fabulous and creative cook and there a are a few other cooked things I really enjoy. I am excited that I finally found a sweet spot in maintaining my happy weight. Since my health…

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    Sometimes, it seems impossible for me to stay present. I’m reading my devotional in the morning, with no comprehension of what I read because my mind was thinking about something or someone else. Sometimes I am driving, and I become disoriented and forget where I am and how I got there. It feels like lost time. It happens when I am in conversations sometimes too. I am looking the person straight in the eye, and at some point, I stop being present with them and start obsessing over something. I heard an amazing piece of wisdom from a woman yesterday. She stressed the importance of grounding herself. When her mind…