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    Two Twins and a Toddler Musical Debut

    Hi internet friends! My twin sister came over last week and we had fun recording some of our songs. Recording quality = not fantastic, but my nephew’s appearance is priceless. And c’mon, you have to admit that the signing is pretty decent considering the fact the my sister is holding a baby upside-down for most of the video. My sister and I have been writing music together since we were teens, maybe earlier. We have always enjoyed singing together, and because of our twin-ness, our voices blend pretty well even when we are out of practice. We both learned music by watching and listening to other people. We had a…

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    Song Posted : Who am I

    I posted a new song, here! You can find the lyrics here! I am over-singing because I refused to use a microphone and thought I had to sing as loud as possible. Next time, I will adhere to the suggestions of my more musically experienced/technologically knowledgeable friend, Jay Everhart.

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    Lyrics : Who am I

    I wanted you to be the one to have and hold. I submitted to your desires, put myself in your mold. You changed your mind, rejected me. I guess you were done? I’m SO glad for you, that you’re happy, I’m used to it by now. And I was searching all my life, for the way that I wanted to feel But I was searching for love in all the wrong places. I thought that many men could take the place of your love or God’s love in my life. So much valuable time for my healing was wasted. You want to use me, you don’t want my heart; you…

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    Lyrics : On the Outside

    I am on the outside looking in on you Trying to understand what you’re going through My apathy is going through the roof All I ever wanted to do is Find a way to be content Wanna be happy with myself… Please help me to find my peace Please help me to find my peace. There is so much work that has to be done But I’m not ready to stop having fun But so much playing games has left me empty inside I have so many things to hide. I just want to get away from me Will I ever be carefree? Please help me to find my peace…

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    Song posted : Stand and Fight

    I posted the first song last night on the Music page. Check out the lyrics here. Don’t forget to… ~ Subscribe to the blog to receive e-mail notifications of new posts (if you’re not a face-book-er) ~ Check the events page for info on the event this month ~ Rate what you see or read. Your feedback is important to me! ~ I. Love. Comments. I’m so grateful for all the people who have been reading! Keep coming back, and see you soon :o)

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    Lyrics : In that Dream

    I had a dream last night that I was an angel watching over you And I, in that dream last night, couldn’t pull you through And I, in that dream last night, didn’t know just what to do And I had a dream last night about you. I had a dream last night that you held me in your arms And I, in that dream last night, couldn’t come to any harm And I, in that dream last night, felt warmth and peace all through Because I, in that dream last night, was in love with you. Silence, go to sleep The water is free, the well is deep. Silence,…

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    Lyrics : Tears in your Hand

    I am in chains because of what you did for me I want to die to myself so I can be free I know you died so you could lavish grace so free Soften my heart, give me joy to serve and return to peace You hold my tears in your hand As long as I live I’ll be in chains for you Because of what you’ve done I’ll stand You let me live so I’ll share this truth I gave it up, that thing that you wanted from me My heart is hard, I wish that you would just let me be I know you died so you could…

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    Lyrics : Rise from the Ashes

    The lyrics were inspired by a journal entry. After a time of going through pain due to self-will and self-pity, I said to God “I still can’t look you in the eyes…but I accept your embrace”. —Low-quality-phone-picture-side-note : There was a rainbow in my room this morning. I liked it.— And as I rise from the ashes I can see all around me, I can fly. And as I rise above tree-tops I can see so clearly, I feel so high.   You wrapped your arms around me, I threw them away. You tried to say you loved me- I didn’t care what you had to say. I had to…

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    Lyrics : Stand and Fight

    I want to run away and disappear, but I know that running could take away my life. I feel like I do not have a choice; But if I run away, I will lose my voice.   I want to run away and get out of here, But I know I only run away from fear. You cannot force me to look you in the eye; I clasp my hands and pray into the sky.   I’m still stuck in my own selfish ways, And I’m still sick but I choose life today. No matter what I’ll pray, And I’m trusting that God’s love doesn’t change. I stand and fight…