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    Sarah Gish

    Sarah Gish is the owner of Gish Creative (www.gishcreative.com), a personal, family, and business enrichment company that ignites lives, creates connections, and champions culture.  She is available for marketing consultations and does intuitive guidance sessions by appointment at Body Mind & Soul (http://www.bodymindandsoulhouston.com/pages/readers.htm#gish) as well as frequent “What’s Your Purpose?” workshops with BMS astrologer Kevin Casey (the next “What’s Your Purpose?” workshop is Saturday, October 4, 2013). Sarah leads a monthly group, FOLLOW YOUR HEART:  A TRANSFORMATION CIRCLE FOR WOMEN (www.facebook.com/followyourhearthouston), and she is on the faculty of the Jung Center of Houston (http://junghouston.org/), where she will teach her course “Transitions and Transformations” starting in the spring of 2014.  She’s…

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    Courtney Howell

    Courtney Howell came to life in Houston, Texas as a strong-willed and independent personality. Throughout her life she has enjoyed creative expression, especially through music, and has always been searching for a deeper meaning in life. She has a passion for international travel and spent time serving in the Peace Corps in a post-Soviet country. She is also an avid American football fan. Courtney began seeking spirituality close to ten years ago and studied psychology and theology at university and recently decided to further her passion and talent by founding Actualize Purpose, a life coaching business that seeks to help people find happiness and clarity in their lives. Biz Website:…

  • Letting Go,  Owning It

    Getting Back My Peace of Mind by Letting Go a Piece of Me

    By: Loni Chambers Capshew  This morning I did a bit of addition and realized something I found rather astounding. This is the first time in the last 58 years that I have not been somehow involved in the rush and hullaballoo of the first day of school –  as a student, as an educator,  as a parent, or as a parent-surrogate. That’s a huge chunk of living and a huge chunk of my identity, a situation of which I’m made daily aware. This week I had my allergy shot, administered by, you guessed it, a former student of mine who only recently was able to bring herself to call me…

  • Owning It,  Self Love

    Learn To Be Your Own Hero: Dysfunction, Struggle and Conquest

    Learning To Be My Own Hero: Dysfunction, Struggle and Conquest By: Kelly Elias This is an old picture of me in what one of my dear friends and I used to call our “glory days.”  Back then, to me, this was the picture of me as the hero… That is, the hero that I wanted to be, to everyone else but myself.  I had just completed my first ever triathlon, and I was a “perfect” (ha!) wife and mother.  I was “in control” and ready to be a hero to all – convinced I could save anyone and everyone.  Little did I know, the one who most needed saving, was…

  • Owning It

    Kelly Elias

    Kelly Elias is a grateful and blessed child of God, who has struggled, and persevered, through her own emotional obstacles, only by His grace and the support of family and friends.  She is a loving mother, devoted teacher, sister, daughter, and friend.  Kelly currently lives in Houston, Texas with her two boys, Nathan (9) and Noah (6), a dog and two leopard geckos. Kelly has relied upon writing, for many years, as a sacred means for silently expressing her deepest emotions, but only shared with those closest to her.  Through recovery and working with a counselor to rebuild trust and confidence in herself, Kelly has come to realize her voice…

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    Loni Chambers Capshew

    Growing up on her family’s red dirt farm in southwestern Oklahoma, Loni Chambers Capshew never felt the least sense of deprivation as far as creative and material opportunities were concerned.  True, her hometown was not much more than a wide spot in the road, and all their social events revolved around either school or the little fundamentalist church her family attended three times a week. More than anything else though, the richness of growing up in that lush little valley where the creek cut through the middle of the property right east of the simple four-room house established a lasting a lasting foundation for Loni’s creative upbringing. Loni loved reading, writing, drawing, reading, singing, playing piano, reading, sewing, academic competition, and reading. Her…

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    Meghan Coulter Nelson

    Meghan Nelson is a friend, sister, daughter, lover, yogi and baker.  She lives in Houston with a Viking and a chef and sometimes, a really amazing dog. Meghan really enjoys good food. It only seems like she mostly likes making giant messes in the kitchen.  She loves to try to take nice photographs.  Meghan spends a lot of time painting her nails, playing with makeup, and hennaing her hair. Meghan is a Whovian and the answer is 10. Or 42.   She really really loves music.  Sometimes she likes to hang out and play board games and 3 x a week she runs from zombies. Life can be very joyful,…

  • How to,  Owning It

    Owning it – How to Deal with Anger

    By: Alison Reeves One of the most empowering things I ever learned is how to “own my part”. In the past few years, I’ve seen repeatedly that when I feel any type of anger, I have a part to play. People aren’t perfect. They do things that are wrong. Some do things that are specifically wrong to ME. But the bottom line is that no one controls my feelings or behavior except for me. As an extreme example of what I mean: I met a woman, “Sarah”, a few years ago who was sexually abused when she was a child. She was told in therapy that in order to move…

  • Owning It

    Alison Reeves

    Alison began alisonsnotebook.com as a place to showcase and write about her art and music. After not writing for months, she began journaling and found clarity on what alison’s notebook was – a blog about health, spirituality and positive living. She invited others to join her, and together they form an inspiring community of women doing-their-best, growing, and sharing their experiences together. Alison is still an artist, a long distance cyclist, a runner and a silly girl with an old soul. Her hair says, “I’m for whatever” but her glasses say “Only if I’m home by 10”. :o)

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    Melanie Masterson

    Melanie Masterson is a vegetarian yoga instructor who lives in West Michigan. She has practiced yoga for 12 years and has chosen a vegetarian lifestyle for 20 years. She believes in being conscious about the foods she eats and the activities she embraces. Every action one takes can affect the mind, body or spirit in a positive or negative way and Melanie finds delight in finding ways to affect those things positively. She enjoys sharing her discoveries on how to live a positive lifestyle with others through teaching yoga, blogging and creating yummy vegan desserts that are healthy for the body. She believes the best way to keep what you…