Cleaning Binder For Spring Cleaning!

Are you tired of not knowing just how to get started with cleaning? This Printable PDF Cleaning Binder is just what you’re looking for!

How often have you looked at your counters, walls, and tables, and just didn’t know how to properly clean them?

Are you frustrated with not knowing where to start, or what to clean in each room of your home?

Do you struggle with figuring out how to clean daily, weekly, and monthly?

Are you that type of person who just needs a good chart to get the cleaning job done?

If that’s the case, then this cleaning binder is for you!

The Cleaning Binder includes thirty-six (36) pages as a PDF printable of:

  • Monthly Cleaning Priorities Checklist
  • Monthly Cleaning Calendar (Two page spread)
  • Monthly Cleaning Checklist By Room (Pre-Filled & Fill-able Versions)
  • Weekly Cleaning Routine Checklist (Pre-filled & Fill-able versions)
  • Weekly Cleaning Routine By Day
  • Weekly Cleaning To-dos
  • Chore Chart
  • Printable Stickers  for Chore Chart
  • Daily Cleaning Checklist (Prefilled & Fill-able versions)
  • Daily Cleaning Single Room 
  • Daily Cleaning Routine Worksheet
  • Seasonal Cleaning Yearly Overview
  • Spring Cleaning Checklist (Fill-able)
  • Summer Cleaning Checklist (Fill-able)
  • Fall Cleaning Checklist (Fill-able)
  • Winter Cleaning Checklist (Fill-able)
  • Deep Cleaning To-dos
  • Cleaning Notes Page
  • Binder Spines for 1″, 1.5″, 2″, 3″ and 4″ Binders
  • Dividers for each section
  • Shopping List
  • Supplies Inventory
  • Monthly Supplies Inventory