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Commentary On: “You Are Not ‘Running Late.’ You are Rude and Selfish”

Wow…I really like this. Before you get offended, read the article for the gems…

{Read the article here} Excerpt:

In recent years it seems that a meeting set to start at 9 am, for some people means in the general vicinity of any time which starts with the numeral ‘9’. Like 9.30 for example.

People drift in at 9.10 or 9.20, or even later. And they smile warmly at the waiting group, as they unwrap their bacon sandwich, apparently totally unconcerned that others have been there since five to nine, prepared and ready to start…

…And often these ‘latecomers’ are people who have requested the meeting in the first place, are asking for your help, or are selling something. Fat chance, mate!..

…I am not talking about the odd occasion of lateness. I am talking about people who are routinely late. In fact, never on time. You know who I am talking about!”

On a personal note, there was a time in my life where I had several friends that were always late – some of them VERY late. I decided that my time is important to me, and I valued myself enough to set a boundary.

After a girlfriend was 45 minutes late for an hour coffee date, I decided enough was enough (this was not the first time she had done this). The next time she texted me saying she was 5 minutes late, I waited until she was 10 minutes late… and then I cancelled on her. I called her and told her to reschedule with me when she knew a time that would be ideal for her. That was 3 years ago and she never called back. And honestly, I’m not sorry about it. I want to see people who WANT to see me. Obviously, this situation was a little extreme.

I started doing this other places too. Sometimes, I will wait if I can. Once when I set a dentist appointment for 9, they didn’t even open the front door until 9:20! The next time I went to that dentist and my appointment didn’t start promptly – I left. And the doctor actually texted me that evening to apologize, and it hasn’t been a problem since.

This is something I struggle with. I know there are times I am going to be late to things, and stuff happens that makes other people late too. But I literally DREAD meeting with people who are routinely late. It wastes so much of my personal time. And maybe it wouldn’t bother me so much if I didn’t care so much about OTHER PEOPLE’S time too – and that is why I am usually on time. Because I hate the idea of making someone wait on me.

What do you think? Am I being a sassy b*^$# by setting a boundary? How do you handle epically and consistently late people?

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