Declutter For Self Care

Simplify Your Space, Maximize Your Time, & Maintain New Habits For Good

Hey There! I’m Alison and I’m here to share the good news. I want you to imagine that you now have…

More energy to do the things that fill you up

More time to prioritize your health

More presence of mind for the people you love

Decluttering your space and your life, AND maintaining it is DOABLE.

You DON’T need:

Hours of extra time

To make drastic decisions

A huge amount of willpower

You don’t even need to be very organized – seriously.

What you do need is a PROVEN PLAN to get you from being overwhelmed with stuff, to freedom from excess.

Decluttering for self care is the key to you getting back control.

What Does My 5 Week Course Include?

Exclusive Video Lessons

Instructional videos to learn the core principles and habits we are covering, all of which don’t require any paid tools and can all be easily done at home.

Written Lessons & Worksheets

Holding a sleeping baby and can’t press “play”? We’ve got you covered! Read the lessons and utilize the worksheets.

Supportive Community

Inspiring and respectful private community for sharing stories, tips, advice, and connecting on a wide range of topics.

Support, Bonuses, and More!

Take extra action by going through the guided meditations, or help reinforce habits through affirmations. As always, we’re always here to help and are just an email away.

Let’s get real

Right now, self-care might not sound very appealing. And at the same time – we have to find a way to manage self-care so we can show up for ourselves.

When dealing with clutter or overwhelm in your own life, you often get advice like…

“Practice Mindfulness”


“Take Time For Yourself”

Don’t get me wrong, that is LEGITIMATELY HELPFUL ADVICE.

But you know what?

Most just don’t know where to start

The Declutter For Self Care Course takes the thinking completely out of your self-care.

We start with the outside, move towards the inside, and teach you decluttering habits you will maintain for life.

I was tired of clutter, so I chose to *prevent* it.

Last year I went into a tailspin of stress and then burnout. The thing is: I was especially frustrated because I’D BEEN HERE BEFORE.

That’s when I realized something had to change. I needed to master simple habits I would stick to that would keep me consistent.

Now, when my space starts getting cluttered or life feels overwhelming, I come back to a few simple habits to easily re-set.

In moments of overwhelm, we become less able to stop and THINK.

Questions like: – “What do I need?” “How do I feel?” “How can I practice self-care right now? – are impossible to answer.

But with a few simple habits and routines, you can stay decluttered for good. And not just decluttering your physical space, but decluttering other key areas of your life as well.

Yes, we are going to focus on decluttering your physical space. But I’m also addressing the mindset and routines that will help you prevent clutter with small, consistent effort.

In this 5-week course, you won’t have to stop and think about how you feel, what to do, or who to go to for support. You’ll build 5 new habits without having to leave your house.

What New Habits Will We Build Together?

Week One:

We will begin by taking control of our space. Clearing space allows you to start gaining more clarity and peace of mind around other areas of your life. So, we start here for a quick win.

Week Two:

Now that you’re empowered and have done some work on your physical space, we start moving inward towards your vision for your life. This sets the foundation of the next habits.

Week Three:

In week 3, we dive into the mindset around clutter and decluttering. This knowledge is what leads to sustainability.

Week Four:

Next, we declutter your physical health. Our physical and mental discomfort can often be eased with 2 simple habits, both requiring no diet restrictions or purchases.

Week Five:

Lastly, you’ll learn self-forgiveness and stress management. You’ll also complete a plan that fits with your life and vision to make decluttering a habit you enjoy and maintain.

Don’t Let These 4 Little Common Fears Hold You Back!

Common Fear #1: “I Can’t Afford It”

How much is having a clutter-free life to your feelings of well-being and enjoyment of your household?

How much wasted time, energy, and effort will go down the drain if you continue as you are, buried in your stuff, trying to piece things together, or being frustrated daily as you put it off, day after day?

This course is on sale right now, which anyone can afford by saving $1.50 per day for just one month.

Common Fear #2: “I Don’t Have Time”

The “Declutter For Self Care” course SAVES you time by cutting through all the fluff and giving you a simple framework for decluttering.

Sure, maybe you won’t have your whole life decluttered in only 5 weeks. But you’ll be well on your way to mastering habits you can have for a lifetime.

Common Fear #3: “I’m Incapable Of Doing This”

Here’s the thing.

If you were 110% confident that you could declutter your life on your own…

You wouldn’t need any help 🙂

It’s my job to help people who are not confident about decluttering their life to learn and master simple habits that will serve them for the long term.

Also, I’ve created the Declutter For Self Care course to be as idiot-proof as possible. I’m giving you minimum content for maximum results. You’ll be able to return to the units and bonuses any time you want and email me when you need help.

Common Fear #4: “Now Is Not The Right Time”

If not now, then when?

You will have lifetime access to the course, so you can come back to this course whenever it’s convenient for you.

One small step at a time!

No matter how busy you are, it is much better to do something small every day (as long as it’s in the right direction), than to do NOTHING at all and wait for the “perfect” time.

I Know It’s Worth It So Much, I’ll Even Guarantee It!


That’s right, I know you’ll LOVE the Declutter For Self Care course that if you change your mind within 48 hours of buying it, I will refund your money.