Dialog with a Lamp

Me: Hi lamp.Lamp

Lamp: Oh, hey.

Me: We’ve never spoken before. I’ve been around you for like two years and this is the first time I’ve heard you talk. It’s kind of awkward actually.

Lamp: I don’t feel awkward at all. Sorry I never said hi before now. I just kinda figured…I’m a lamp, ya know?

Me: Yeah, I know. I wrote about you the other day for a creative writing class, and it got me thinking.

Lamp: You wrote about me?

Me: Yeah, it was an assignment. I had to write about an object in my writing space. My writing space is in my office because that’s the easiest access I have to a computer. Anyway. I really liked what I wrote about you. So I just wanted to say hey.

Lamp: What did you write about? I’m just a lamp…

Me: Yeah, I know. But you’re my lamp in an office that’s not really my office. You see, I hate overhead lighting. I worked here for three years and worked in the middle of a suite that was brightly illuminated with gross overhead lighting. I swore that when I got my office I would get my own lamp. So, when I got my own office I bought you and that other lamp over there.

Lamp: So you bought two lamps? Do you talk to the other one?

Me: No, just you so far.

Lamp: Well, I am flattered. I can see why owning me would be meaningful to you.

Me: You do? You don’t think it’s weird that you are special to me?

Lamp: No, not at all. I am a part of a safe space you were trying to create. You were trying to feel comfortable. I am glad I could accommodate you.

Me: Thanks. I really appreciate you listening, by the way.

Lamp: Sure anytime. I love to listen. It’s one of my favorite parts about being a lamp.

Me: What else do you like about being a lamp?

Lamp: Wow…good question. Hmmm. Well, I like to be needed. I like that when you come in your office, you never fail to greet me. You approach me before you even look at your computer. That means a lot to me- that you don’t forget about me. You also always visit me before you leave your office. I’m the first one you greet, and the last one you see on your way out.

Me: Ha, I never thought about that. What else do you like about being a lamp?

Lamp: Well. I like providing light. I like that you see things you wouldn’t see otherwise without me. I illuminate things. I am illuminating some things for you now as I speak, aren’t I?

Me: Actually, yes, you are. I had no idea I would ever have a conversation with a lamp. This is really interesting and profound.

Lamp: I agree. Thanks so much for talking to me.

Me: Oh, sure thing! Thanks so much for listening and for being here with me.

Lamp: No problem, I enjoy it.

Me: So, can we talk again sometime?

Lamp: Oh yes, definitely.

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