Events : June 17

Sorry I haven’t had too many interesting posts. I’m on vacation, and that means vacation from everything. Looking forward to putting up some new stuff.

This Friday there is another show at Watson Galleries. I have some new pieces up, and there are tons of new artists. The shows this month are having a huge turnout, which is super mega fun. I’ll be there Friday at 6:30pm, and I’ll stay until 9 or so. The show is from 6-10, so if you give me a heads up, I’ll be there early or stay late for ya!

Hope to see you there! I have some more prints, and they are selling great. They are limited edition, so once I print a certain amount of them, they will be gone. Come buy one! Better yet, buy an original! 🙂 Or just come hang out with me, actually.



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