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Find Happiness With Extreme Simple Living (Embrace Minimalism)

Are you feeling unfulfilled despite having a cluttered and materialistic lifestyle?

As someone who used to believe that more possessions and money were the key to a fulfilling life, I never thought I would find myself embracing the concept of simple living.

However, after years of feeling unfulfilled and constantly chasing after the next big thing, I realized that my materialistic lifestyle was not bringing me true happiness.

That’s when I decided to make a change and discovered the power of extreme simple living.

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In this article, I want to share my personal journey toward embracing minimalism.

The challenges and benefits I encountered along the way and some strategies have helped me live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Let’s jump right in!

What Is Extreme simple living?

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Extreme simple living is like hitting the reset button on life.

It’s a lifestyle that values experiences over things and promotes a simpler, more intentional way of living.

For me, it’s about decluttering my possessions, focusing on the essentials, and creating space for the things that truly matter.

It’s not always easy, but the benefits – greater happiness, reduced stress, and more time for the people and activities I love – are more than worth it.

Benefits of Extreme Simple Living

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I used to equate happiness and success with owning more stuff. The more material possessions I had, the more accomplished and fulfilled I felt.

However, as I started to declutter and simplify my life, I realized that this was not the case.

Extreme simple living has many benefits that have positively impacted my life, and I’m excited to share them with you.

Financial freedom

One of the main benefits of extreme simple living is financial freedom.

When you live a minimalistic lifestyle, you learn to focus on what is truly important, and material possessions are not one of them.

This mindset shift has allowed me to reduce my expenses and save more money. I no longer feel the need to keep up with the latest trends and buy unnecessary items that I don’t truly need.

Instead, I prioritize spending on experiences that bring me joy and fulfillment.

Time freedom

As someone who used to be constantly busy and overwhelmed, extreme simple living has been a game-changer for me.

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It’s given me the gift of time freedom, allowing me to slow down and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

happy woman drinking her coffee.

I no longer feel the need to fill every moment with productivity or busyness but rather to savor the present moment and be fully present in my experiences.

It’s a beautiful way to live; I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Mental clarity

Finally, extreme simple living has provided me with mental clarity.

By practicing mindfulness and gratitude, I’ve learned to appreciate the present moment and let go of negative thoughts and emotions.

I no longer constantly need to chase after material possessions or compare myself to others.

Instead, I focus on what brings me joy and fulfillment, which has resulted in increased happiness and life satisfaction.

I used to think that more was always better, but extreme simple living has shown me otherwise.

By intentionally living with less, I’ve been able to focus on the things that truly matter to me, like spending time with loved ones and pursuing my passions.

It’s a lifestyle that has brought me greater happiness and fulfillment.

How to Implement Extreme Simple Living

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Now that you know about the benefits of extreme simple living, you may wonder how to implement this lifestyle.

Here are some strategies that have worked for me:

Assess your current lifestyle

When I first started on my extreme simple living journey, I was surprised by how much excess I had in my life.

It wasn’t until I took the time to assess my habits and routines that I realized how much I could simplify.

I consciously try to regularly declutter my possessions, limit my time on social media, and budget my finances.

It’s amazing how much lighter and more focused I feel as a result. Don’t be afraid to take that first step – it could change your life!

Identify areas for improvement

Once you’ve assessed your current lifestyle, identify areas where you can improve.

This could be reducing your consumption of material goods, decluttering your space, or simplifying your daily routines.

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Start with small changes and build momentum from there. Remember that extreme simple living is not a one-time event but a continuous process of simplification and self-reflection.

Start small and build momentum

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

When I started my extreme simple living journey, I took small steps to simplify my life. I started by decluttering my closet and setting a weekly expense budget.

As I started to see the benefits of living with less, I became more motivated to simplify other areas of my life.

So don’t be afraid to start small and build momentum. You might be surprised by how much progress you can make!

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Budgeting tips

When setting a budget, it’s important to be realistic and flexible. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Track your expenses for a week or a month to see where your money is going.
  • Identify areas where you can cut back, such as dining out or shopping for non-essential items.
  • Set a savings goal and prioritize your spending to achieve that goal.
  • Be flexible and adjust your budget as needed. Remember that unexpected expenses may come up, and it’s important to have a cushion for emergencies.

Decluttering tips

When decluttering, it’s important to be intentional and mindful of what you keep and what you discard. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Start with the easiest items first, such as clothes that no longer fit or items that are broken or outdated.
  • Use the “one in, one out” rule when bringing new items into your home. For every new item you bring in, get rid of an old one.
  • Donate or sell items that are still in good condition, and recycle or dispose of items that are no longer usable.
  • Remember that decluttering is a process, and it’s okay to take it slow and steady.

One of the first things I did when implementing extreme simple living was declutter my closet. It was a daunting task, but I felt so much lighter and more organized once it was done.

I also started using a budgeting app to track my expenses and identify areas where I could cut back.

A lady writing information on her notebook near her laptop.

Initially, it was a bit of an adjustment, but it helped me save money and be more mindful of my spending.

If you want to simplify your life, these are great places to start!

Make it a lifestyle, not a trend

When implementing extreme simple living, it’s important to make it a lifestyle, not a trend.

This means adopting a mindset of simplicity and mindfulness that permeates all aspects of your life.

It’s not just about decluttering your physical space but also simplifying your relationships, routines, and priorities.

By making extreme simple living a lifestyle, you’ll be able to experience the long-term benefits of this lifestyle.

Celebrate your progress

It’s important to remember that implementing extreme simple living is a journey, not a destination.

As you make progress towards a simpler and more intentional lifestyle, be sure to celebrate your victories, no matter how small.

Maybe you decluttered your closet or cooked a meal from scratch instead of ordering takeout – these accomplishments are worth celebrating!

By recognizing your progress, you’ll stay motivated and inspired to continue on this path toward a simpler and more fulfilling life.

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Challenges of Extreme Simple Living

person on a window of an apartment building.

While there are many benefits to extreme simple living, it’s important to recognize that challenges come with this lifestyle.

Here are some of the most common challenges and how to overcome them:

  • Social pressure and FOMO: Extreme simple living’s social pressure and FOMO (fear of missing out)can be overcome by staying true to values, finding supportive people, reminding oneself of benefits, and engaging in aligned activities.
  • Overcoming consumerism and materialism: This requires practicing mindfulness and gratitude, prioritizing experiences over material possessions, being intentional with purchases, and acknowledging that decluttering is a gradual process.
  • Maintaining motivation and consistency: Maintaining motivation and consistency is challenging in extreme simple living, but setting realistic goals, tracking progress, celebrating small victories, finding support, and learning from setbacks can help.
  • Coping with discomfort and sacrifice: Coping with this discomfort involves practicing self-care, and self-compassion, engaging in fulfilling activities, and remembering that sacrifices lead to growth and positive change.

Despite the challenges, focusing on the benefits of simple living has motivated me.

The benefits are life-changing, whether it’s the peace of mind from decluttering or the freedom from living with less.

Ready to Enjoy simple living? Be guided by our Declutter For Self-Care Checklist!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed out by the clutter in your life, it may be time to simplify with the declutter for self-care checklist.

This checklist provides a step-by-step guide for decluttering your physical and mental space and prioritizing self-care in your life.

I’ve used this tool myself and have seen how effectively it can declutter my physical and mental space.

I’ve lived a more fulfilling life by simplifying and focusing on what truly matters. So, download the checklist today and share your experiences with us in the comments.

Remember, living a simpler and more intentional life is a continuous journey, so keep striving toward your goals and celebrating your victories along the way.


What is extreme minimalism?

Extreme minimalism is a lifestyle that values simplicity and intentional living by living with the bare minimum of possessions and living space.

It eliminates distractions and excess to achieve greater clarity, focus, and peace of mind.

It can be challenging but also liberating and can help individuals break free from consumerism.

How do you live extremely minimalist?

To live extremely minimalist, reduce possessions to the bare minimum, live in a smaller space, and prioritize experiences over material possessions.

Simplify routines and focus on what truly matters in life. It’s challenging but rewarding and helps break free from consumerism.

What personalities do minimalists have?

Minimalists have different personalities but share values such as simplicity, a focus on experiences over possessions, and appreciation for the present moment.

They prioritize quality over quantity, may be organized, and desire a clutter-free space. The desire for a simpler and more intentional lifestyle is common among minimalists.

Why minimalism is peaceful?

Minimalism promotes peace by reducing distractions, creating space for clarity, and prioritizing what matters.

It encourages intentional choices and experiences over material possessions, leading to fulfillment and reduced stress.

Minimalism promotes a sustainable and mindful lifestyle, freeing individuals from consumerist culture.

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