Grief – What I Learned From Watching “The Greatest”

I watched a couple movies in the last few months that dealt with grief. One of those included “The Greatest”.

This film depicts the family and a friend of a teen who unexpectedly died. This deep, rich and insightful film  brought up intense feelings for me regarding my dad and how I have been dealing with his death.

Part of the beauty in this film involves how differently each person felt and expressed their grief. The mother woke up every morning and after a brief stretch, a look of realization came across her face, and she collapsed again to cry.  The troubled and rebellious brother of the teen boy began attending a grief group seemingly against his will. The father attempted to hold it together and avoided talking about his son, until the end of the movie when he finally broke down. His moment of intense anguish brought me to tears, and I identified with that feeling of loss.

My grief feelings have been similar: they are unpredictable, and I’ve done a lot of things differently this year…just because. It has been a beautiful and painful journey. Today I feel intensely grateful, as I feel God soothing me through this process. I feel like a little girl, with His hand stroking my forehead and telling me its already okay.

I have a much higher level of acceptance for myself and others today.

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