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How to Learn Anything – 4 Steps for Anything

This week, I wanted to share my experience in teaching myself how to learn anything – and how you can learn anything using the same 4 steps!

how to learn anything

First – Google it 🙂

By looking up something online, not only are you going to find out the basics of what you ned to know—but you’re also going to learn what you DON’T know.

More than likely, you’ll discover things that you didn’t know you didn’t know (read that again…still with me?)

While you’re not going to master a topic by researching online, you ARE going to learn the basis of your subject and discover a blue print for learning more.

This will give you an outline for learning the thing you’re trying to learn. For example, when I was learning “how to be happy“, I did a lot of research AND read a really great book.

After creating an outline for the process, begin learning what steps are involved. Teach yourself as much as you can and if you can get enough info from the google-machine, then practice what you learn.

Second – Get someone to SHOW you

Another step when considering how to learn anything is that you’ll only get so far doing research. Get someone to SHOW you what it is you’re trying to learn.

Regardless of what kind of learner you are (tactile, auditory, visual), getting someone to show you basically involves all your senses.

In my opinion, getting someone to demonstrate something I’m trying to learn is like a massive short cut. Not only that, but people who already have a grasp on what you’re trying to learn probably have some pro-tips of their own that they’re willing to show you.

Third – Find a way to make it your own

The next step in learning anything is finding a way to personalize whatever it is you’re trying to learn.

Why did you want to learn the thing you’re trying to learn? Put it into practice for yourself, make it work for you and if possible, try to get creative with it.

For example, I taught myself guitar when I was younger. I started out by doing some research, then I got someone to show me a few things, and then I learned a few easy pop songs to get me started.

But I really had fun with it when I started writing my own songs—which is why I wanted to learn the guitar in the first place.

Fourth – Teach someone else

Now that you’ve learned, practiced and made something you’re own, teaching someone else will help you to really master the new skill. This last step is usually what makes me feel like an expert in something.

I did this with the guitar as well. When I was in high school and then college, I taught beginner guitar lessons to both children and adults. When you teach something, it deepens your understanding of the topic. When “students” ask you questions, you have to process how to respond, and this accelerates your mastery of it.

You don’t have to be an expert—you just have to be better than the next person who wants to get started in order to help them.

Conclusion: How to Learn Anything

Many articles exist on learning new skills and learning them fast. While my 4 tips may not be the fastest—they’ve been effective for me *every* time.

So, what do you think? Are these tips helpful? What additional advice would you give for someone wanting to know how to learn anything?

For more details and to get the full scoop, watch the video below.

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