How To Make a Vision Board

photoFirst of all: what is a vision board? It’s a visual representation of my goals. For whatever reason, I can’t always articulate what I want, but I can visualize it.

Before I met my boyfriend Chris, I spent time meditating and journaling about the qualities I wanted in a partner. I wrote a lot of stuff down, but what I couldn’t write was the feeling I wanted to have. I had an image in my mind of tenderness and understanding that’s hard to describe. In the months before I met Chris, I had three short relationships. Usually I cling to failing relationships, except in this instance I finally knew what I wanted. I created a vision board earlier that year, and part of the representation depicted a loving, mutual, nurturing relationship. While the guys I dated before weren’t bad people, I just knew what I was looking for. And I simply decided not to settle this time.

I was attracted to Chris, but he wasn’t initially on my relationship radar. He seemed to like spending time with me, but we never flirted. Then one day after a friend’s art studio opening, he grabbed my hand and turned me around to kiss me. I very awkwardly said something like “Thanks” as we silently continued walking to the car, but after that things just kind of fell into place.

In fact, things fall into place a lot when I make vision boards. I have a very general open ended idea of what I want. I have a feeling about it. So I use magazines to gather images and words that resonate with me. I ask that God’s will be done, and I start pasting things that fit together in a way I like.

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When I’m done, I hang the vision board up and wait. For months. And then things just kind of happen.

So, here are some steps you can take to make your own vision board.

1. Collect a variety of magazines.

2. Buy a sheet of poster board.

3. Pray. I usually say the serenity prayer, followed by the phrase “thy will be done”. I don’t believe in praying for anything too specific, because then I tend to cling to the results. I generally know what I want, and I leave the rest up to the universe.

3. Start cutting out pictures and words that resonate with you.

This can range from things you think are pretty, images you think are cool, words that are meaningful. Maybe you see something that reminds you of someone that’s important to you. Maybe you cut a word out just because you like the typeface.

It’s important not to think *too* hard about this part. Remember to go with your gut, and trust that the results are already handled. You don’t have to worry about it or about controlling anything. Just breath.

4. Start laying the images out on the board. You will probably have to do some trimming.

I usually leave some of what I cut out of the final project. Sometimes I cut things out that don’t fit with anything else. Sometimes I leave things off because I don’t want my board to feel cluttered.

Make it look like how you want it to look. Maybe you want everything on there and then some. Do it! If you want to cover the whole board, then you should.

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6. After deciding where everything goes, paste your images.

7. Hang the vision board somewhere you can see it. I usually hang mine at work or in my bedroom.

8. Then wait. That’s it! Look at your vision board, and stay in conscious contact with your higher power. Remember the feeling of what you want, and remember to be grateful for how God will answer, no matter the results look like.

Ok, now I want you all to do me a favor. Send me pictures of your visions boards! Old or new. I’d love to create an album on my Facebook page and include a photo of your board. If you want to send me a photo but don’t want it in the album, just say so <3

Thank you for all your wonderful comments!

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  • Anonymous

    I’ve had it on my mind to do a vision board, but haven’t done one yet. After reading this I am going to make it a point to do one in the next month and I will send it to you. Thanks, Alison!

  • Mary Kidd

    I neglected to log in so you would know who made the comment above! It’s Mary. ­čÖé

  • alisonsnotebook.com

    Haha, no problem. I figured if you planned to make a vision board you would reveal your identity sooner or later :o) Some people prefer to be anonymous on the blog comments

  • Loni Chambers Capshew

    I’m 70 years old and have never done a vision board, despite (she guiltily acknowledges) having recommended them to others for years. You, my dear Alison, 0have just inspired me to do one for myself. It’s far too easy to fall into a sense of directionlessness after having lived a highly structured life for the majority of my years. I need a real bucket list of priorities, and I believe a vision board is the ideal way for me to get there!

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