I Believe I Can Fly [Manifesting Change]

“Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.
–William James

Many of us learned as children that rejection and abandonment are part and parcel of being alive. We are so used to feeling as though things won’t work out, that fear – like a shadow – is always lurking behind us…

We need to be careful about creating what we look for. Regardless of the frightening experiences of the past, we need to believe that other results are possible: All loved ones don’t leave, all risks don’t end in devastation, and all efforts aren’t dashed on the rocks of defeat.” From: Days of Healing, Days of Joy

So if I believe I can fly, then I’ll be able to fly? Please?

Ok. I know this sounds cooky, but stay with me. I believe that when I focus on something, I manifest it in my life. It probably manifests because I am looking for it. Either way, I can draw (or not draw) certain things and people to my life. As I become healthier, I developed different kinds of friendships in my life. I can also draw positive things to my life, such as opportunities and adventures! Again, part of this “draw” is that I am now LOOKING for the positive things. Today I increasingly trust that God has my best interests in mind.

In the past, when I believed a relationship was ending, it did. It became a self-fulfilling prophecy. Today, I can choose what relationships I want in my life and I can know that not everyone I care about leaves or abandons me. I know that Satan wants me to believe I will always fail and ruin things, and I know that God is working in me and will not let that happen.

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Change is painful, and also amazing. I need to change: my old way of doing things doesn’t work anymore. But change is HARD. Just a few weeks ago, I had an emotional episode. I knew my feelings weren’t rational, and I couldn’t sleep that night. The next day when I woke up, I felt comfortable which amazed me! It felt right for me to feel that way, which shows I have a ways to go towards fully recovering.

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