I can do anything

I am so grateful for what I’ve been through. Let me share something with you:

The organization for whom I work is going through many changes. I recently got promoted to a new position, and have been super excited about changing responsibilities. In the last couple weeks, I’ve had to do things that were “not my job,” and last week, I actually started to feel frustrated.

During my meditation on Thursday however, I had a realization: the only reason why I am qualified for my new position is because for the last three years, I have been willing to do things that were “not my job”. In fact, most of the exciting things I did that were “not my job” I did out of my own initiative, not because I was asked. When I realized how God has used that willingness to get me to where I am, I immediately stopped feeling frustration and started feeling gratitude. I went from being a secretary to being an Executive Assistant for four supervisors, with responsibilities that far exceeded that of a “secretary”.

These accomplishments have given me the powerful attitude that I can do anything.

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