Kawaii Squishies // Squishy Unboxing Review

This week, I did something very silly…. I ordered a crap-ton of kawaii squishes from Amazon and reviewed them. #whatismylife

I’m not sure if you’ve ever experienced these before, but if you haven’t, you’re truly missing out. I know these are still popular, but when they first started trending two years ago…I didn’t get it. Then recently, they started appearing at my local drugstore and I couldn’t help myself.

So, I bought one, fell in LOVE, and went to Amazon to try a ton more.


I’m hooked.

If you liked this video, definitely go to YouTube and comment so I know!

If you hated it…let me know that too.

Here is the link to what ended up being my favorite: Order Giant Super Squishy Kawaii Here


Poo / Ice Cream squishies:

Weird rubber squishies:


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