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Kelly Elias


Kelly Elias is a grateful and blessed child of God, who has struggled, and persevered, through her own emotional obstacles, only by His grace and the support of family and friends.  She is a loving mother, devoted teacher, sister, daughter, and friend.  Kelly currently lives in Houston, Texas with her two boys, Nathan (9) and Noah (6), a dog and two leopard geckos.

Kelly has relied upon writing, for many years, as a sacred means for silently expressing her deepest emotions, but only shared with those closest to her.  Through recovery and working with a counselor to rebuild trust and confidence in herself, Kelly has come to realize her voice and her gift for expressive writing that touches hearts and lives.  She is finally ready to share that gift with others in hopes that it will speak to them from paper to eye to heart as passionately and deeply as it flows from her heart to hand to paper.

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