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Listening To Your Gut

By: Melanie Masterson

As my job search continues, I face many options for making money and sometimes I just have to listen to my gut. Some jobs may be right for some people, but not right for me. We are each blessed with specific talents through our life experiences and sometimes we need to search to find the job that fits our particular personality.

I have been waiting to hear back from an interview a couple weeks ago and in the mean time I was approached with a business opportunity due to a resume I posted on Craigslist. A women named Sierra called me and asked if I would like to work with Financial Education Services. I looked at their webpage and saw another multi-level marketing sales job, go out and sell to make money. They promise a fancy car and a cruise ship trip and tons of money. I initially thought “no, not for me.” I do not want to chase around my friends and family trying to get their business.

A week goes by and the other job still has not called with an offer. I still have Sierra’s number on my desk and, out of curiosity, call to get more information. She said I would not be selling to friends and family. That I would set up accounts with local businesses and their are a lot of people that need their service. That I would actually be helping people. Then she said she would meet with me to explain how it is easy to make money at this business. I set up an appointment with her. I was to shadow her while she had a meeting with a credit union.

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I met her the next morning to witness the meeting. It all seemed legitimate and a real possibility. We went to meet at Starbucks afterwards. I really like this woman: she is fun, kind and encouraging. She even buys me a tea. She showed my how to set up my business. But, she says it is best to start by contacting the people I know to get other agents on board or to see if they can direct me to businesses that can refer clients. She wanted me to call all my personal contacts and read them a script to get them to watch the video on their web page. She also said the more people I bring on as agents the more money I made.

Agents sign on spending a minimum of $200. So, after telling me yesterday it is not MLM and I would not be soliciting my friends and family…she essentially told me today it is MLM and I would be soliciting my friends and family. She said I was exposing the business to people, not selling to them. And I just need to get past my fear of calling people. Well, my gut was screaming at me, knowing I was not okay with this type of business. I really want to make money but this is not something I am comfortable with.

I was faced with many of my own personality challenges. First, my people pleasing and fear of conflict. I told her “Okay”, and proceeded to sign up for the business. That I would overcome my fears and challenges to make this business work for me. I even somewhat believed it when I was with her. She is a great sales person and can influence people to question their views. And I am an easily influenced person plus I am somewhat desperate to find a new career. The good thing was I had 3 days to change my mind and get my money back.

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I went home and started to work on setting up my new business. But, I could hardly focus because my body was screaming at me with anxiety saying, “No! This is not a good idea!” I knew in my gut I did not want to go harassing my friends and family to get them to watch this video to bring me business. Maybe this was a real money making possibility and I would actually be helping people but I could not get past my anxious feelings about the process. I listened to my gut and canceled my membership. I know any new job will cause me some anxiety but not to this magnitude. And not at the expense of my wallet book or my relationships with my friends and family.

I contacted the people I interviewed with and they said I was still a prospect for the job. They were finishing up all the interviews that day and would know soon who they select. It is still a long shot due to the fact they are interviewing so many people, but there is still a possibility. And then, I received an email requesting a phone interview at another company right after I canceled with Financial Education Services. There is still a real possibility of me finding a job somewhere in this recessed economy. I feel much more comfortable working at a job where I serve people on an hourly rate that are seeking the service, and where I don’t have to seek them.

Overall, I came face to face with some personality flaws that still challenge me. The worst one being the people pleasing and trying to avoid conflict. It plagues me and paralyzes me at times. I absolutely hate how it limits me from being my authentic self and from succeeding. But, I can also know that some of these flaws can be assets and may just be a perfect fit for a job somewhere. I can also look at how I am compassionate and care about others feelings. I can focus on those qualities.

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I have read that the way to develop yourself is to focus on your strengths and develop those instead of focusing on your weaknesses. When you focus on your weaknesses and try to change them you struggle more. When you bring attention to your assets and develop them your life flows in an upward spiral. That is where I choose to direct myself today. I will know deep down I have great qualities that can be used to fulfill a purpose. I leave with a quote from my angel cards, “Serve a purpose and your purpose will serve you.”

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