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Love – Harmony from Chaos

“Have we forgotten how to love in our hurried passage through life? Perhaps we need reminding that love focuses our attention and guides our direction. Our actions aren’t hurried and our feelings aren’t confused and unraveled when we’re loving others and ourselves. Love offers form and enhancement to each moment…

When the day’s frantic activities crowd the heart’s silent places, we must slow our pace and take notice of the loved ones in our presence, there by intent, remembering with them the design that has captured us and given meaning to our lives.

Love creates music from the disharmony of our haphazard life choices. Giving it away is like a song of happiness emerging from our hearts.”

From the book: Worthy of Love by Karen Casey

One of the promises of recovery is that love will be a committed and thoughtful decision, rather than a feeling by which I am overwhelmed. This means two things for me today:

1) When I care for someone, I continue to care for myself. I choose not to give in to old stories. Some of the old stories are that people leave me, that I ruin relationships, that there is something wrong with me. The truth is that I am a beautiful person, created and intimately loved by the universe. Even if someone does leave, I will not “leave myself”.

2) Love is not something I “can’t help”. I do not have to love, or be “in love” and be powerless or consumed by that feeling. That feeling won’t always be there in my friendships, family or my relationship. I must make a decision to love the people around me. That is real love.

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So, in this way, love creates order and stability in my life. The people around me may not see love this way. The beauty of it is that even if they don’t, my choice to love will still create order from chaos, regardless of others’ behavior and beliefs.

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  • Melissa

    I can absolutely identify with the italicized quote. I’d like to print it out, frame it, and stick somewhere where I must look at it every single day.

    I think I’m really still recovering from the emotional wreckage that was my divorce – even if it was years ago. I love my husband and daughter and family, but there are times I recess into the abyss of anger and guilt and internal violence.

    SO! This is a really awesome reminder – and actually landed in my inbox at a perfect time. So thank you for that.

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