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May Challenge: Do one act of self-love daily

Kristina, chief co-operator goddess of the Rawfully Organic Co-op in Houston has a fabulous idea and presented a challenge: self-love.

Self-love in uncomfortable and for me, counter-intuitive. Even when I know something will make me feel better, sometimes I am just lazy and don’t do it.

So, this month of treating myself with extra care is truly a challenge! I commit to start today and blog about my experience. At least once a week, I’ll write the break down of the special things I do for myself.

Here is an excerpt from the post. For more ideas and a lovely explanation of WHY it is important to participate in this challenge, check out her original post:

The more time and effort that you put into YOU, the better that you will feel. You will feel more confident, secure, and happy. Even if you don’t feel like you love yourself now, little acts for yourself daily can actually help you develop self-love! If you have ever heard the phrase, “Fake it until you make it,” it’s almost the same concept. The thing about eating more raw foods is that these foods literally LOVE US BACK. These foods bring cause us to have better physical health; hence, increasing the joy in our moods! When we are more joyful and when we feel better physically, then we automatically have better emotional health and even spiritual health! FullyRaw fruits and vegetables are pure, vibrant, and colorful foods that infuse our bodies with nutritious goodness. We are what we eat! When we eat goodness, we become good. We feel good, and we wish to share more good!

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