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Meghan Coulter Nelson

Meghan Coulter NelsonMeghan Nelson is a friend, sister, daughter, lover, yogi and baker.  She lives in Houston with a Viking and a chef and sometimes, a really amazing dog.

Meghan really enjoys good food. It only seems like she mostly likes making giant messes in the kitchen.  She loves to try to take nice photographs.  Meghan spends a lot of time painting her nails, playing with makeup, and hennaing her hair. Meghan is a Whovian and the answer is 10. Or 42.   She really really loves music.  Sometimes she likes to hang out and play board games and 3 x a week she runs from zombies.

Life can be very joyful, and Meghan is trying to be present every day to experience her joy.  Through silliness and turning the corners of her mouth up, she thinks she might get there.

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