My Tummy

Someone at work left this in my office. The label had a bicycle on it.

I realize my blog is convoluted, as I’m covering an increasing number of topics. Please bear with me as I write whatever the heck I want to write about. For now, this is a real blog rather than a website for my art with a blog on it.

SO then. Let me tell you about my stomach.

I had some crazy stomach related symptoms. There was initially no discomfort, but the symptoms were seemingly severe and rather alarming, so I went to the doctor. He ordered tests to be done and wanted them immediately, which was also alarming. After this first week of testing, I developed severe daily stomach pain. Adventure!

After tests and more tests, the doctor, and second doctor (I wanted a second opinion after a silly diagnosis) did not find anything wrong. The first doctor diagnosed me as having IBS, which seemed silly to me as I lack a lot of the normal symptoms. He offered no advice as to how to help me besides mentioning not to eat dairy. He also gave me two prescriptions which I took for a week without seeing improvement. When I stopped the medicine I started feeling better.

After reading a lot on the internet (if that was a job I’d be a millionaire), I came across something called leaky gut syndrome. This seemed to fit more of my symptoms. It explained why the prescriptions contributed to the pain I felt. It also explained random itching, acne, depression and sudden allergies (all of which started becoming worse right the week before the stomach pain started). While traditional medicine does not have any tests for leaky gut, the second doctor I saw acknowledged that leaky guy syndrome is a real thing. She didn’t think I had it because I eat so much healthier than most of the population. I have a theory that due to the increasingly clean way that I eat, I have become increasingly sensitive to “bad” food.

I cut out dairy and gluten, limited my cooked food intake, started paying attention to how I combine raw foods, increased my water intake and eat mostly organic. Since acting on my theory, my health is continuing to improve. I had a couple more tests done, both revealing nothing. I’m done with doctors for now…

I’m writing this post because I’d like to post more about what I’m doing to remain healthy, so I needed to provide context.

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