How To Overcome Bad Eating Habits

Kristina Carillo-Bucaram started Rawfully Organic in Houston- an organic produce co-op in Houston that supports our local farmers, as well as does a lot of work to encourage the raw food lifestyle and just healthy eating in general. She recently-ish made a video about overcoming bad eating habits that inspired me. Its a great video which I posted below, but here are the tips:

  1. Be aware of how you feel when you eat.
  2. Eat in a quiet, safe, sound, happy place.
  3. Pay attention to how you feel.
  4. Prepare your food with love.
  5. Plan your meals ahead of time.
  6. Have enough food in your house (for the next 5 days).
  7. Don’t eat crap.

As she talked in the video, some thoughts came up for me.

First of all, the video emphasized never eating when I feel sad, upset or confused. I should pay attention to my feelings before I eat and make sure I am in a place of peace.

I should also pay attention to what is on my plate! There is absolutely no reason to ever eat crap. When there is free food offered to me at work, I usually eat it (and feel guilty). Its not even delicious. What a waste! I shouldn’t waste my calories or energy on anything that isn’t 1)high quality nutrition and 2)high quality tastiness!

I also loved the suggestion to spiritualize my eating ritual. Many people pray before eating, but this always seemed so un-spiritual to me because of its presentation… It seemed obligatory, and I never felt connected to it. However, I do like the idea of praying over my food. I have a new appreciation for it, and how my choices affect my body. I don’t want to just pray over my food as an obligatory thanksgiving prayer. I want to pray over it and thank God for it because eating it gives me life, and the choices I make around food need to be intentional and good for me, but also good for the world and our environment.

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I also need to have a plan around my eating and make sure that I have enough food. When I get too hungry, I binge. I don’t need to write down what I am going to eat all day, but I should have a general idea of what I want for lunch and dinner. I usually eat all fruit until dinner time, and the times when I am most successful eating this way are when I eat ENOUGH. People give me strange looks when they find out how much fruit I eat, but I can tell you that my digestion (and my weight) do best on a high fruit diet. If I don’t eat enough for breakfast, however, I crave high calorie/low nutrient foods in the afternoon. If I am starving for chips or cookies at 2:00pm after lunch…I know I didn’t eat enough.

Anyhoo…great video! Rawfully Organic always inspires me. I love how I feel when I eat well.


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  • melissa

    i like the idea of making each meal a spiritual experience. i like to sprinkle magic gratitude dust on my food that makes it perfectly nutritious. it’s free, you can borrow some if you want 🙂

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