Painting : Sunset (any ideas? win a prize…)

So, I painted this and I like it. At first, I was going to paint a bicycle on the beach. Then, I was going to paint three flower vases. Then, I was going to draw a boat in the distance with a giraffe in it. My current choice is to do a combination of the latter two.

But, none of those fit perfectly for me. SO

do you have any ideas?

If I paint your idea, I’ll reward you with a postcard sized print of the painting 🙂 Eh, eh??? The color in my room, mixed with terrible quality phone pictures, makes this look kind of awful. Just pretend the colors are pretty, and the lines are sharper and you’ll get the general idea.

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  • Brandon Smoot

    The sun looks ethereal and yet Earthly: the cloud shrowding, the half-sphere water reflection, the sense of this sun’s broken structure, texture interacting with this atmosphere, and the low, weightiness of it all combine to give the impression of an anomalous orb hovering over the waters.
    The bright colors of the sky and the thick silver-lining of the storm clouds both seem to electrified the air, as thou it emits its own light apart from the sun.
    The horizon’s curve makes this world seem teacup-sized, like an island-vacation planet, or a dream.
    The rocks are a strong contrast from the setting with its anamorphic framing; They show a solidity and a firm sense of place, one with touchable, human scale.
    The bay or ocean is at once turbulent yet calm. It conveys a nature that’s trembling or uncertain, perhaps simmering. The sheer thickness of the view suggests a welling-up. Is it welling-upon? The confrontation with its monolithic surface asks us to consider its inescapable depths, and in the lack of life on shore, we as instinctually emphatic with organic creatures, anthropomorphically feel there must be some gaze there to meet, some leviathan visage that anchors the emotion of the terrain.
    The beach is a haze, log a fog, yet this featureless sand has no tide-lines…it is both creamy segue between the fantastic backdrop and familiar stoneway, and an unchanging constant in a world that might erupt into phantasmagoric activity any moment.

    What would fit? You decide.

  • Brandon Smoot

    Edit: electrified should be electrify, and log should be like. Phone arghness.

  • alisonsnotebook

    Your feedback is always extremely specific and eloquent (and helpful)- thank you so much. I am grateful for you!

  • Brandon Smoot

    Merci. I try to speak with the specificity I myself value in others’ criticism.

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