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Advertise On My Site

Think my audience and content is a good match for your business? Contact me about advertising on my website or Youtube channel.

Consulting and Co-creation

One of the things I enjoy most about what I do is hearing someone’s ideas, seeing what they have in place and creating or co-creating an attainable plan.

I can do a brief assessment of your current marketing within 24 hours and send you my immediate suggestions. These suggestions are yours to keep, and you can choose to enlist my help or move forward on your won with other help.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook advertising is my jam. Looking for leads or to grow your audience? I can help.

Websites and Content

I’m a big believer in simple websites that 1) get the job done and 2) can be expanded as your business grows. Don’t spent $10,000 on a new site for a new business. Start small, empower yourself, and let your website grow WITH you.

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