Raw Foods and Nutrition Update

I Love Raw Food!

Those of you who follow me on Facebook already know that most of my calories come from raw fruits and veggies. I was mostly raw back in December and got out of it for a while. Due to health issues, I am now back to a high raw diet. On a week to week basis, I would guess 60-70% of what I eat are raw fruits and veggies. My guy is a fabulous and creative cook and there a are a few other cooked things I really enjoy. I am excited that I finally found a sweet spot in maintaining my happy weight.

Since my health problems and weight have leveled out, I don’t have a ton of motivation to be 100% raw. I could see that happening some day, but for now I am happy to be all raw some days with a few cooked meals thrown in.

I avoid all dairy, all gluten, and most meat. And you should too! Here is what I eat:

What I Eat

For breakfast, I eat around 1,000 calories of fruit and only fruit. I start out with a fruit smoothie, and follow that with more fruit (dates!) an hour or two later.

For lunch, I have a huge salad. I mean HUGE. It includes whatever I have on hand, including a couple pieces of fruit usually. If I have another fruit smoothie for lunch instead, I’ll have the huge salad in the evening.

I usually have more fruit as an afternoon snack: 2-3 pieces, or more dates.

Dinner is a fruit salad or veggie salad, depending on what I had for lunch. I usually get more creative for dinner. I love corn salsa, romaine wraps, raw peach cobbler, zucchini noodles, etc. On the days I eat nuts, I usually save them for later in the day and try not to eat them in combination with fruit. I LOVE bananas and nut butters and eat the combination on occasion, but its really not good for my digestion.

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I eat less on Saturday and Sunday mornings, or any other day where I bike 45+ miles in the morning. I stay around 500 calories so my digestion does not interfere with my ability to pump lots of blood to my heart instead of my tummy. I read that somewhere and didn’t look into the validity of it at all…but in practice, I feel better. The days before my ride, I make sure I am getting plenty of carbs from fruit and I make sure that my pee is clear…sorry for that detail.

While I try to drink at least 2 liters of water a day, I try not to drink much during an actual ride so as not to dilute whatever electrolytes I have. I just make sure that I am already hydrated and then I drink when I am thirsty. I usually bring two bottles: one with water, and one with 2/3 water and 1/3 orange juice. Since I started eating 2,000+ calories in fruit a day, I have less trouble staying carbed up and hydrated.

Cooked Food

A few times a week I eat cooked meals- mostly on the weekends when my guy and I spend the most time together, but also occasionally for dinner during the week. Cooked meals usually consist of some kind of rice product (rice, rice noodles, etc.), some kind of legume (beans, tofu, ?), and some kind of veggies (stir fry or salad). I love Vietnamese and Thai food, and I love gluten-free veggie burgers, no bun or cheese. Yum! I also eat some kind of meat once or twice a week.


In what ways are you happy with your diet?

What do you eat that you wish you could STOP eating?

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Thanks for the comments, questions and email/Facebook messages. They are always encouraging and inspiring. That is why I continue to write. Muah! and Hugs.

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  • wartica

    I would say I do the same percentage of raw food in a day as well ; feel so much better getting the highest amount of nutrients as possible 🙂

  • Elizabeth

    Your diet sounds pretty great! It takes a lot of commitment to change the way you eat. My husband and I started going gluten & dairy free about two weeks ago. I don’t eat a lot of meat, either. I’m still working out the kinks of the new diet but it’s going good so far. I would like to eventually be on a mostly raw food diet, but not completely. I eat a lot of veggies but need to eat more fruit. I love fruit but for some reason usually only eat bananas.


    Elizabeth, congrats on some great changes! The more I read about gluten and dairy, the more I’m actually glad that I can’t eat it anymore. I didn’t have enough discipline to give it up without the extra motivation. Pain is a great motivator! Haha.

    The best trick I’ve heard so far is that if I am craving “bad” food, eat more fruit. Usually when I crave sugary foods or fatty foods, it is simply because I am hungry and my body wants the fastest source of calories. I am AMAZED at how much I need to eat when I eat fruits and veggies, To maintain my weight and not lose, I need at least 3,000 calories a day.

    Thanks for your comment!

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