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Review of My Second StitchFix! Should I Buy Again?

Check out my second StitchFix! What I got, what I thought and what I bought (woah woah rhyming.)

StitchFix is a subscription box for women’s clothing. You can order it to come every month, every other month, OR you can just schedule it whenever you feel like it which I love. If you buy everything in the box (5 pieces total) then you get a pretty significant discount on the items, so my goal is to love everything in the box so I can get the discount! Ha.

Another thing I love about StitchFix is that they have a very detailed questionnaire that helps your stylist determine your size and what you would be interested in. I also created a Pinterest page of clothes that I like, and the stylist checks that out before they pick out clothes for you. For both of the Fixes I got, the prices ranged from $55-80 per piece. I wish it was a little more affordable, but all in all I don’t think it’s outrageous, and the pieces are excellent quality.

Both times I ordered a Fix thus far, I didn’t end up buying all 5 items. So…I want to try it again! I’ll probably do it a couple more times before I write it off, but its definitely a fun experience having someone pick out clothes for me!

Bottom line: I like StitchFix, but… not sure if I *love* it. Both times I got a few really nice and unique pieces. Find out if I plan to do it again, and whether or not I recommend it!

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