Seeing the Good

“Seeing the good.

The beauty of our souls shines in many ways. The greatest of these is love.

In the spirit of loving kindness, every day a little ugliness is removed; our perspective on life grows broader and deeper.

In the spirit of love, our lives become fresher, our souls humbler; evil seems to disappear, and we learn to distinguish sinner from the sin.

Do I see the good in people?”

From Hazeldon’s “Day by Day”

I love that- every day a little ugliness is removed when I allow God to change my perspective. Not a lot has changed about the specific details on my life, or who I am…but a LOT has changed about my perspective this year.

I can apply this perspective of loving kindness to other people, but I can also express it towards situations, circumstances and myself. Changing my perspective is an aspect of my faith and trust in God and who He is.

For those who are curious: I am blogging from my IPhone at 4:00am.

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