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Hey There! I’m Alison!

Welcome To The Self Care Spree!

Are you wondering when you’ll finally feel good about where you are? 

Are you struggling to feel positive or make progress in your personal or professional life

Do you sometimes use humor when talking about heavy topics

If so…you’re in the right place! 

My mission is to help women create happiness through simple advice and soulful inspiration.

I provide practical advice for the feeling of overwhelm and lack of confidence that many people experience as they struggle with finding happiness and control over their lives.

My Self Care Spree Course comes from years of therapy, four years of 12-step recovery, countless mentors and a lot of experience.

In the Course, I break down the basics of self care into manageable actions designed for you to succeed, which you’ll find as a breath of fresh air.

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What You’ll Get When You Claim Your “Self Care Spree”​

Master Your Mindset: Learn 4 mindfulness actions that move you easily into a more positive mindset, and help you get in touch with what you need, and what makes you happy.

Discover Small, Powerful Actions: Start building your self care practice with small self care actions that make you feel better instantly.

Develop New Habits: Master the art simple self care by creating your very own manageable and flexible self care plan.

Course Overview:

16 Lessons With Video & Worksheets

Including short instructional videos and 14 printable worksheets to practice what you learn.

Self Care Plan Template

Develop your own personal and manageable plan.

4 Affirmation Coloring Sheets

Need a pick me up during a quiet moment? Use an affirmation coloring worksheet to quiet your mind. ​

What if you could practice better self care with just 15 minutes a day?

Many times, a lack of energy or confidence comes from compromising what we want in life and putting ourselves last.

The solution? Self care!

Self care is NOT selfish. You cannot continue to pour your yourself into others without first filling your cup. True self care works from the inside out, meaning that sometimes you have to “fake it ’till you make it” and before habits turn into lasting, easy change.

With just 15 minutes a day, you will easily discover more self love, calmness and a feeling of control. You are important, you matter and you can change. And all it takes is one tiny action, one step at a time. 

Why The “Self Care Spree” Is Different Than Other Self Care Challenges…

Most self care challenges give you activities every day with no direction. Taking a walk or taking a bath don’t provide any foundational knowledge or tools to actually create change.

By learning actual self care skills, your self care practice will have more meaning AND produce actual positive change leading to more happiness.



That’s right, we’re so confident you’ll LOVE the “Self Care Spree”, that if for whatever reason you don’t completely and utterly love the spree, or don’t see improvements after 7 days, we’ll refund your money.