What If You Could Prioritize Your Self Care With Just 15 Minutes A Day?

What You'll Get When You Claim Your "Self Care Spree"

16 Lessons With Video & Worksheets

Including short instructional videos and 14 printable worksheets to practice what you learn.

Self Care Plan Template

Develop your own personal and manageable plan.

4 Affirmation Coloring Sheets

Need a pick me up during a quiet moment? Use an affirmation coloring worksheet to quiet your mind.

The Self Care Spree

Many times, a lack of energy or confidence comes from compromising what we want in life and putting ourselves last

The solution? Self care!
Self care is NOT selfish. You cannot continue to pour your yourself into others without first filling your cup. True self care works from the inside out, meaning that sometimes you have to “fake it ’till you make it” and before habits turn into lasting, easy change.
With just 15 minutes a day, you will easily discover more self love, calmness and a feeling of control. You are important, you matter and you can change. And all it takes is one tiny action, one step at a time. 

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Just listen to what buyers had to say...

The Self Care Spree course provided me with the resources to FINALLY give myself permission to take time for myself, and to truly think about what is BEST for ME! If you are looking for ways to integrate some self care into your life, but aren’t sure where to start or what to do, I would highly recommend taking this self care spree!

Jessica @ Zigzagsandzebras.com
I love the course. Through a well-thought variety of self-care activities, I discovered new ways to care for myself that I will continue to practice indefinitely.
Sarah @ TheSameSunset.com
Most of the stuff I see out there about self care doesn't tell you WHY you're doing what you're doing.Definitely looking forward to incorporating these tools into my routine.
Melissa @ Lion & Bee Children's Books

Why The "Self Care Spree" Is Different Than Other Self Care Challenges...

Most self care challenges give you activities every day with no direction. Taking a walk or taking a bath don’t provide any foundational knowledge or tools to actually create change.

By learning actual self care skills, your self care practice will have more meaning AND produce actual positive change leading to more happiness.



That’s right, we’re so confident you’ll LOVE the “Self Care Spree”, that if for whatever reason you don’t completely and utterly love the spree, or don’t see improvements after 7 days, we’ll refund your money.


The “Self Care Spree” includes 12+ lessons, each of which includes lesson text, videos, printable worksheets and more. These lessons guide you through the inner workings of self care that lead you to sustainable happiness.

You’ll have access to the information in the Spree forever. This allows you to go through each lesson at your own pace or revisit it as needed. 

The challenges you usually see online provide a list of activities that you can perform to practice self care. And these are AWESOME!!! The self care checklist you might have from me is like that—a list of things to help. 
However, the shortcoming of these lists is that they don’t guide you towards internal, lasting, useful change

If you want the Spree but also think you’d rather learn self care with some experienced support, I am available. You’ll see an offer in the net couple pages to work with me directly.