Slow Carb: Shopping List and Daily Menu

I wrote a post for my trainer’s blog, and thought I would re-post it here. Many people have been messaging me about this diet and how I did it. I LOVE to help people and answer questions. I’d even be willing to go shopping with you and help prepare meals if you thought you would stick to it!

On the slow carb diet, I learned to grocery shop and cook once a week. Shopping took a half hour or so, and cooking took about two. I found cooking once a week to be the easiest thing for me, but as you go along on the slow carb diet, you will find what works for you!

Slow Carb Shopping List

My grocery list is made of the things I liked to eat. Tim Ferris suggests that you find what you like, and eat a lot of the same foods all the time. So, on about $50 a week in groceries (and about $50 in restaurants on the weekends), here is what I bought:


  • Fresh broccoli
  • Frozen brussell sprouts (2 bags)
  • Spinach (pre-washed in a box)
  • Whole mushrooms or Yellow Squash


  • Frozen tilapia (about 8 pieces per bag)
  • 24 eggs
  • Pork chops (4-6)
  • Turkey patties


  • 2 large cans of black beans
  • Sometimes, one small can of refried beans


  • Cottage Cheese
  • Dymatize whey protein (chocolate mint is my favorite


Slow Carb: Weekly Preparation

That’s it! That’s what I would buy. So, when I returned home, here is what I cooked and how I cooked it:

  1. Bake tilapia for twenty minutes (I used one of the following: garlic and herb seasoning, blackened seasoning, mesquite seasoning or lemon pepper)
  2. Pork chops: cooked in a skillet with pork chop seasoning; turkey patties in the same pan afterwards
  3. Steam the brussells sprouts: Biol water. Put the veggies in. Let the water come up to a boil again…cook to your taste
  4. Steam the broccoli: put it in a large pot with just a bit of water in the bottom. I like mine cooked a lot
  5. Mushrooms: put in a pot with Worcestershire sauce and some oil
  6. Yellow squash: slice it and bake it with oil and a crap ton of fajita seasoning
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I learned a rhythm of cooking- Tilapia, pork chops, broccoli and brussell sprouts can all be cooked at the same time! If you have a couple pots.

Slow Carb Sample Menu

2 Eggs (at least), spinach and black beans. Dymatize whey in my coffee!

2 pieces of Tilapia, brussell sprouts and beans

2 pork chops, broccoli and beans

Cottage cheese

I go through phases of eating three big meals a day versus eating every three hours. I find that the latter works better for me for weight loss. I have lost 14 pounds in 3 months without using the PAGG regimen Tim Ferris suggests. You will find that with the shopping list I created above, you might have some surplus. If so, just freeze some! Then the next week you won’t have to cook as much.

I love black beans, but you should change it up and find what you like.Same goes with everything else on the list!

Good luck!

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