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The Essence of Winter

By: Vanessa Cassani

Everywhere I look, I can see the beauty of winter.  The Autumn leaves have changed into a bouquet of colors and soon the once stuffed trees will lay empty and dormant until the first signs of Spring start to appear.  Even if mother nature doesn’t deliver snow, the beauty of Winter still shines through.  I love this time of year for it brings so many things to appreciate like cuddling with my children and warm winter fires.  The days have become shorter and the nights are filled with refreshing, cool, crisp air.  But, there is much more to Winter than just family gatherings and holiday celebrations.  Many embrace the wonder of the season, but most don’t understand what this season truly brings.  And, for those that dread the winter, may this perspective bring you new insight to rid yourself of the Winter blues.


Winter is an invitation to the quiet space within.

There is an energy that comes with each season.  Summer is a time for expansion, giving more energy, longer days, and much needed growth. Winter has the opposite polarity, being a time to focus inward, to slow down.  There is a reason we have less energy during the winter, I’m not always a fan of this, but its a time to rejuvenate and relax. It can be hard for us busy bees that find anything and everything to fill our time, and who want to get the most out of each day.  Resting does not come easy in our culture, and we need to change that.  When we understand what happens in nature, we can use it’s complimentary qualities to help us achieve balance in the season.  For those who desire renewed insight, it is important to understand that the stress of the season extends far beyond the hustle and bustle of the holidays.  The stress is heightened by becoming disconnected from the rhythm of nature.  Instead of caring for ourselves by focusing on our inner world, we exert all of our energy into focusing on the world outside of ourselves, never getting what our body, mind, and spirit really need.  Learning to align ourselves with the quiet energy of Winter will not only bring us less stress during the holidays, but it will also bring us closer to the quiet space within.

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I am a beautiful flower that blossoms more and more each day..

Think of yourself as the seed of a beautiful flower recently planted in the ground.  On the outside, you appear to be dried out and dead, which many of us feel at times,  but upon closer inspection, the inside of the seed is changing in powerful ways. New life is beginning, leading to growth and beauty in the near future.   YOU are the flower that blooms and the beauty within you is growing, waiting for a chance to show and shine in and to the world.  We can learn a lot from nature if we embrace it’s complexities.  The more we work with the calm, but powerful energy of Winter and flow with it, rather than against it, we will be given all of the insights and energy we need to move forward into the Spring.

The idea isn’t to withdraw completely from society in order to grow which, for me, could be quite easy, but to use our environment to reach greater heights.  Continue to work toward what you want, but also understand that all things happen in the manner that was intended for you, at the time that best suits you and your journey here.

Many of us, including myself, beat ourselves up over all the things we didn’t accomplish this year.  We often feel like we are not as far along in our growth as we would like, which often leads to guilt, which is rooted in fear.  Tear out those roots and the weeds of guilt and shame, and trust that all is as it should be.  Know that you can have and achieve anything you want and reflect on those truths. Find the things you cherish about this season. Take this time to connect with yourself and and resist the urge to fill the empty spaces with the busyness of the holidays.  Instead, fill that space with the richness of your soul and grow in wisdom through this season of Winter and every season of life.  You absolutely deserve it! 

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