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The Issue

I used to be involved in Pro-life activities in Houston. Here is one of the reasons why:

Cutest baby known to science? Possibly. Photo curtesy of Visible Soul Photography

There is a group of (mostly) loving people who pray outside of clinics that promote abortion in Houston, primarily Planned Parenthood. I am not a fan of Planned Parenthood, especially after being involved in the prayer ministry in which I used to participate. The issue is that the women who are seeking help do not feel love from these prayer warriors. They feel judgment and shame.

This is an issue in other areas of ministry as well. What is the balance between teaching truth, and communicating love? I have been a “victim” of sideways love attempts.

The solution for me is to learn to listen. God knows exactly where someone is at and where they need to be. Who am I to think that I know where that is? Listening to people has been the greatest way for me to show love, and has provided more opportunities to teach in love than I have ever had before. When people know I love them, I earn a hearing with them (not the other way around).

Here is another picture of what I think is the cutest baby known to science:

A-freakin-dorable. Photo curtesy of Visible Soul Photography

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  • Sue Reno

    I love that you used Kora’s pictures!!!!!!

  • Brandon Smoot

    Sideways love attempts? You mean someone showing apparent love but with ulterior motives? You mean someone approaching you whilst concealing their motivation, that motivation being their love? You mean someone only giving love peripherally, and withholding direct affection?

    I regard most ‘pro-life’ rhetoric as superior to ‘pro-choice’, yet the arguments I find ultimately fail. I am for abortion-rights, but no sound-bite captures the proper reasoning, and unfortunately the public debate is largely soundbite, misinformation and a horde of logical fallacies appealing to fear, popularity and misplaced authority.

  • Lori Bailey

    It’s proper to give credit to the photographer who originally created the image.

    Image Copyright (c) Visible Soul Photography

  • alisonsnotebook.com

    Of course! Sorry for the oversight- I asked Kora’s mom if I could use the photo, and wasn’t aware of its origin. I’m glad to list your e-mail address or website as the caption to both photos as well, if you like.

  • alisonsnotebook.com

    Regarding the first part: someone doing something harmful because they think it is the right thing. Their motivations are right, but their actions are absurd, or just closed minded.

    My problem with certain pro-choice arguments is that many voices I’ve encountered express a pro-abortion approach, as opposed to pro-choice.

  • Brandon Smoot

    Carol Gilligan is the author of “In A Different Voice”, a seminal work of feminism wherein she presents her moral development theory. Briefly, she classifies morality as two kinds: Care-Ethic and Justice-Ethic. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Indeed, both seem inescapably true, yet both are capable of producing absurdities. Your “sideways love” sounds like Justice-Ethic at the expense of Care-Ethic.

    Either way, I recommend the book.

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