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Third StitchFix Review! Find Out What I Did to Get My Best Fix Yet! | Alison’s Notebook Unboxing – (Remember, 5th comment below gets a tiny gift).

Last month, I received my third StitchFix. Since my last StitchFix was paid for mostly with referral fees I’d saved (thank you to anyone who clicked on my link!) then doing another one so soon wasn’t a big deal (on my pocket book).

One reason I was so excited about this one is because I’ve been watching other people’s videos, particularly Ellko (linked below) and she mentioned how she gets REALLY specific in her likes and dislikes. She also said she gets the same stylist every time, and that every Fix gets a bit better because her stylist is learning about her. And this made me realize that I needed to be a little more detailed in what I wanted out of my box.

In my last Fix, one of the items I sent back was a pair of skinny jeans, which got me thinking: do I *really* want skinny jeans in one of these boxes? No, I don’t. So, I made sure to specify that what I was really looking for were some unique pieces that I might not normally pick out for myself, and my Fix was on the mark!

This is the first time I bought all 5 items, which is always the goal because the 25% discount really adds up to a big savings. Actually, I wasn’t crazy about the $60 blouse, but it was cheaper to keep it than to return it because the 25% off added up to so much!

So, I’m definitely doing this again soon. I think doing this a few times a year really helps freshen a wardrobe up. 

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